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Re: Evening Primrose Oil WAY BETTER for me than O3's Jimmyboy

Posted by Marty on October 29, 2007, at 10:20:19 [reposted on October 30, 2007, at 0:44:07 | original URL]

In reply to Re: Evening Primrose Oil WAY BETTER for me than O3's Marty, posted by Jimmyboy on October 29, 2007, at 9:50:05

> That matches my problems to a tee, exactly.
-- Interesting.

> I also tend to feel better in the early part of the year and my mood and anxiety gets worse as it goes on. Could just be me.
-- Ok. Since a couple years my state worsen because of the falls. Lack of sun makes me feel bad after a while.. anxiety/depression

> But I also tend to want to drink when I am feeling good, so that probably makes the situation worse and makes my moods fluctuate faster, thus looking like a basically untreatable bipolar depression.
-- I too prefer to drink when I feel good (Anxiety Alcool=Alcoolism in my head, so I avoid that). To be frank I feel like EPO makes me feel more relaxed and SO well enough that since I take some I think of beer more often.. beer = yummy isn't something I felt since a long time. I know that doesn't match the logic of the PGE1 hypothesis btw.

> I have gotten off prety much all my meds and feel better than I have in a long time.
-- Same as me. I dont take much meds those times. No antidepressant. (Except I started 5-HTP like 3 days ago to see if it works for me)

> Anyway, good luck and lets keep each other posted on this one. I am excited to find something that actually seems to work !
-- Yeah. Let's keep in touch. We may share one of the less common cluster of the 'your name it' disorder.

BTW, did you found my past posts (couple months ago) about my face pains problems ? It started after a Clonazepam withdrawal (wrongly done). There's some inflammation involved. I think it may be releated to one version of the Herpes Virus.. like the one which cause Shingles (one little eruption on my hand so far this year).. I tell you that because it may interest you because of the possible link with PGE2.

Tylenol makes me usually feel in good mood and cognitively more alerted. (in the night it's almost better than sex lol.. can't explain much).. Ibuprofen too is enjoyable. Naproxen seems to reduce my facial pain, decrease my intracranial blood pressure .. I feel my thinking is more logical and less garbaged (lol). BUT Naproxen makes me depressed in the end.. especially when I go to sleep. bad.

If you see something clue into all those facts.. plz tell me ;)





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