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Re: Evening Primrose Oil WAY BETTER for me than O3's

Posted by Marty on October 29, 2007, at 9:35:36 [reposted on October 30, 2007, at 0:44:07 | original URL]

In reply to Re: Evening Primrose Oil WAY BETTER for me than O3's, posted by Jimmyboy on October 28, 2007, at 12:14:30

Hi Jimmyboy,

Very interessting hypotesis, I'll look into it for sure. I don't crave for alcool but a couple days back I drank a couple beer and felt that I could drink more without being too much dizzy etc.. I was able to drink at least 2x what I drink usually since my problems/meds started.

So you feel good too on GLA eh ? what have you tried else (meds, suppl.) and how did you react ? I'm curious about if we both have some reaction in common.

Thx for the info.

> Very interesting that you say this, because I feel the exact same way. I just started large doses of EPO a couple of days ago and felt immediate major positive effects.
> One theory , that I have been reading up on of why this may work for you and I ( but probably not everyone) Is that you are low in Prostaglandin E1, which is a hormone like substance. There have been studies that show that people who are depressed are very low in prostaglandin E1 and people who are manic have higher than average levels of PGE1.
> PGE1 is made in your body from GLA which is in EPO. The theory is that some people have a genetic defect which does not allow you to convert the precursors ( like GLA and other upstream precursors) to PGE1. By supplementing with a high GLA containing source ( they say EPO is the best) and the other minerals/vitamins which help the conversion process ( vit C, zinc, B6, niacin) you can keep enough of it around to feel good.
> One interesting note is that alcohol releases large amounts of PGE1 when you drink, but depletes the supply in the long run giving you diminishing returns on how good you feel when you drink. So an indicator that you have this problem may be that you like to binge drink ( Just my opinion -)( recovery Health Center in Minnesota gives this to all their recovering alcoholics and says it helps stop the cravings)
> Considering the study that said that high PGE1 levels are found in manic subjects, I would keep a check on yourself just to make sure you don't start feeling TOO good, if you know what I mean.
> Good luck, hope it continues to work for both of us
> JB




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