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Re: Digestive Enzymes

Posted by bleauberry on October 28, 2007, at 17:29:32

In reply to Digestive Enzymes, posted by sregan on October 23, 2007, at 20:55:52

I completely agree. Everything depends on what happens in the intestines. We take for granted that they work fine. Most illnesses are probably related to something not fine in the intestines. Poor absorption due to parasites, yeast overgrowth, food intolerances, heavy metals, or genetics will throw everything else in our biochemistry out of whack. Enzymes and probiotics can do a lot to overcome and heal.

I complained to my doc about a bloated belly and massive gas. He gave me enzymes and probiotics. Within 3 days the belly fatness had shrunk a little, but most importantly the gas was completely gone.

I tested borderline gluten intolerant on a lab test. I had not suspected it or even knew anything about food intolerances. Enzymes helped with that a little bit. But truly the only way to deal with it is to avoid gluten altogether. Even the gluten enzyme supplements can't do the whole job you want them to. I used to feel a lot more fatigued, confused, dizzy, and depressed than I do now. It was bad. Getting rid of gluten in my diet improved those things a lot.

Unless you have a genetic disease, gluten intolerance is caused by something environmental...usually too much lead or mercury. The most common source of mercury is amalgam fillings in teeth. Lead is everywhere. Even so called "normal" levels of either in a urine test can cause significant health issues for sensitive people, like me. Actually, there is no known safe level of these metals, even what they call normal levels.

It was frustrating at first. I love wheat, oats, malted barley as an ingredient in so many things, etc. No more pizza, hamburger on a bun, my favorite cereals, toast, bagels, donuts, on and on. Now I buy gluten free flour by Red Mill (supermarket natural section, and health food stores) and make my own pizza crust, my own donuts. There is a gluten free white bread mix you can buy that is so easy to make and tastes fantastic. The ready-made GF bread loafs suck. You can buy frozen GF donuts, for a whopping $7 a dozen. I found dunkin donuts recipe on line and just substituted Red Mill GF flour instead of regular floud and got awesome donuts, though oddly shaped. There are real good GF cereals. REd Mill also makes a GF hot cereal that is awesome. One company at the health food store even has a special GF oats for oatmeal or cookies. GF pastas are readily available, usually made with brown rice flour and tastes and feels almost the same as wheat. Once in a while I will splurge and have a Big Mac with bun and everything. When I do, I down about 4 of those gluten enzyme capsules.

They say if you strictly avoid gluten completely for 3 months, you can then test it by eating some just on weekends and see how you do with it. If still a problem, go another 3 months and try it again. A lot of people eventually heal enough that they can eat it on a rotating basis after they have avoided for a long enough period. If it is a diagnosable disease though, like celiac, forget it, you need to avoid it forever or you will seriously get worse and worse with a wide variety of illnesses and symptoms as months go by.

Sorry to go so long. Enzymes and probiotics...I think more people need these than are aware. This is a country of poor diets, and a world of toxic metals. Both of which seriously undermine what goes on in the intestines, which then seriously undermines everything else in the brain and body. Enzymes can break down food so the body can absorb it, enzymes that maybe your body doesn't have enough of. Enzymes can break down the antigens that cause allergic reactions or intolerances before they get in the blood stream. Probiotics keep the good guy food digesting bacteria in control and keep the bad guy bacteria from taking over. Any of these things that result of poorly digested food, or result in bad stuff entering the blood, will cause things like chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromilagia, depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, cancer and heart disease.




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