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Re: Anabolic steroids superior to antidepressants

Posted by LostBoyinNCBecksDark on October 19, 2007, at 19:40:06

In reply to Anabolic steroids superior to antidepressants, posted by LostBoyinNCBecksDark on October 14, 2007, at 17:17:06

> Ive found that treatment for obstructive sleep apnea with CPAP, combined with testosterone, is far superior to any psychiatry drug I ever tried. I found out that my blood oxygen was desaturating down to 84% in a sleep study. A lung doctor put me on CPAP and for the first time in ten years I had dreams and restorative sleep.
> My brain was succumbing to hypoxia during my sleep and none of my psychiatrists could figure it out.
> I dont understand why so many people with refractory "depression" continue trying psych drug after psych drug. If you have failed ten medications...get a clue and use your probably aint pure depression. Either a medical condition is causing or exacerbating your problem...or your diagnosis is wrong.
> Oxygenate your brain...get screened for sleep apnea. Testosterone boosts mood and makes me feel aggressive and assertive, blasting away any remaining "depression."
> A lot of "treatment resistant depressions" are misdiagnosed medical problems.
> Eric

There is a fundamental difference between using testosterone under a doctor's care (legal prescription) for formally diagnosed hypogonadism and the illicit "anabolic steroid abuse" commonly found in sports and the bodybuilding communities. Guys in sports and bodybuilding have normal testosterone levels and seeking better recovery from frequent and intense workouts and increased aggressiveness...they turn to anabolics.

The result is testosterone levels way way over what is considered normal...with the resulting "roid rage" and crazy behavior stereotyped with testosterone usage.

That is NOT what I am using testosterone for!

My testosterone levels are below normal, determined by repeated AM bloodwork and confirmed by three Medical Doctors.

There is no man anywhere on this planet who has low testosterone and is healthy physically or mentally. Low testosterone in men has been proven to cause mood disorders, extreme problems with fatigue and just generally feeling bad. No antidepressant in the world will help depressed men with low fact most antidepressants used alone will make testosterone levels even lower.

Trying to treat a depressed male to who is hypogonadal to remission with psychiatry meds will fail every time.

Also, the gels and patches that are FDA approved for hypogonadism are not designed to get testosterone levels in the "high" or even "high normal" ranges. These gels and patches usually only push testosterone levels to low normal or normal ranges in most low T males...hardly turning them into "psychos" or overly aggressive individuals. Its usually only the unsupervised usage of illegal and recreational injectable steroids that leads to roid rage and steroid psychosis/mania.

Like I said, people need to open their minds to new things. If psychiatry meds dont work for you...there is probably a good reason. Or possibly several reasons combined. Continuing to try one similar psych med after another almost never works, is expensive, costly to the patient in both time and energy spent and is demoralizing. It can also be dangerous as clinical depression unsuccessfully treated usually leads to chronic disability.

Failing to search out other problems that can be causing or exacerbating a mood disorder is negligence and psychiatric malpractice.





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