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How's everybody doin'?

Posted by LOOPS on October 11, 2007, at 19:13:47

Hi people -

I don't know if anybody remembers me - I don't post much but used to as I seem to have experimented with everything!

I just wanted to say that I have a new 'list' of my favourite supplements.

Please note I am prone to anxiety, depression and am possibly bipolar which throws a large influence on my choice of supplements.

So: -

1) Magnesium. The main thing. Sleep, depression et al. Balance with calcium but NOT TOO MUCH CALCIUM. Too much calcium = tense crapness. But too little calcium = nervousness for me (you really have to experiment with the balance for yourself).

2) Multi-vit with lots of C, zinc, a little bit of copper (not too much) say 30mg zinc and 1mg copper is good for me

3) extra B vitamins and even more THIAMINE if you drink any alcohol (I still do unfortunately)and suffer anxiety. HOWEVER - too much B complex makes me on edge - I'm talking one of those B-50 things turns me into a nutter, but lower doses (like 10mg) is fine and helpful.

4)occasional niacin/amide although I have mixed results with this stuff. I went a whole week feeling really good with this stuff but then everything went downhill (got anxious). There is a possible need to balance it with pantothenic acid which I was not really doing so take equal amounts of each.

5) Lithium orotate (revisited for me). The older I get, the more I realize I am probably bipolar and this stuff is indispensable if you suffer from 'extremes'. I am at present taking 1 a day, which is not much, but right now (it's Spring here in Chile) I feel I need an extra balancer.

6)Balancing EPA (fish oil) with GLA (right now EPO but I am thinking of changing to blackcurrant seed oil). --The jury is still out on this one. I got scared off these supplements after getting depressed taking GLA even with fish oil. However I am trying them again. Fish oil on its own makes me very 'up' - hypomanic I suppose - GLA complements it.

7) SMALL amounts of taurine. I already get some taurine from my diet (I eat a lot of meat, fat and vegetables) but still it is good to counteract morning anxiety.

Well what the H - I might be spouting out my rear about all this stuff. The point is, I think these things have helped.

Now for stuff that didn't -

1) tyrosine. ARG. I don't need any more excitory crap going round my system. I got downright angry on this stuff.

2)glutamine. None of the calming GABA - only felt stimulated from this stuff. Horrible.

3)5htp. Makes me suicidal. Great for 3 days then deep down into crap.

4)TMG. Awful. Felt very irritable.

Well enough negativity on that stuff. Everybody is different so go with what works for YOU.

Take care





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