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Re: Top Picks (?)

Posted by bleauberry on September 26, 2007, at 19:20:55

In reply to Top Picks (?), posted by Fivefires on September 25, 2007, at 21:58:47

For someone dealing with significant difficulties, those really are not very many supplements at all. Not bad for a base though.

You said it. Diet. Without a real good diet, nothing you try is going to work anywhere near as well as it could. And many things could backfire instead. Healthy diet is the foundation of everything. Everything. What is a healthy diet? Basically, 3 meals a day, 2 snacks, at least 1 liter of filtered water, and each time you eat it should be a mixture of protein, carb, and fiber, with a heavy emphasis on raw veggies and raw fruits. Cut way back on sugar and coffee. Use stevia instead of sugar. Mix decaf in your coffee to weaken it and slowly wean off the real stuff (if you drink). Real important...mix 1 tsp to 1tbsp of raw unprocessed apple cider vinegar in a large glass of water and drink this twice a day. With meals it helps digestion too. The benefits are too many to name. Get PH strips at the health food store. If your morning urine and saliva PH is less than 7.0, start taking 1/4tsp baking soda mixed in water (between meals) twice a day and work up to 1/2tsp to 1tsp until your PH is 7.0-7.3. Absolutely everything in your body is dependent on the correct PH. A bad diet will make you very acidic, like maybe 6.0-6.6. That is death in slow motion, felt as fatigue, inability to cope, and one illness after another popping up. Also, look at labels. No aspartame or MSG allowed. With cereals and breads, get ones that are not made of wheat, oats or barley. Amarynth cereal is good. Brown rice is good. There is a bread mix (easy to make) at the health food store that has other good flours in it. The foundation though, again, is heavy emphasis on raw uncooked veggies and fruits. After a couple weeks you will be so sick of salads (but use everything you can in them except iceberg lettuce, it is useless). You will indeed get past this and find you actually look forward to your next big salad. And because you eat so well all the time, you can splurge and have your pizza now and then, a fast food burger couple times a week, and your bowl of ice cream or cookies. You need not be a nerd or a friek to have a good diet.

Ok. So that is the launchpad. Nothing else is going to fly very far without it.

The healing process with diet is hard. That's because it takes a long time and you will usually feel worse for a while. That is a good thing. That is the body healing, not suffering. Diet healing can take 6 months to 3 years, but it lasts forever and never poops out. After a couple months you will actually find that you crave all your new foods and you have lost much of the desire for the old ones.

You asked about malic acid. That will come naturally in the raw unprocessed apple cider vinegar.

Folate or folic acid. Not sure of your dose, but you can go into the 1000-1500 range. Actually my doc wanted me on 5000 for 3 months to heal some gluten sensitivity. I found 1200 significantly boosted mood and energy in just a few days.

But for more dramatic effect, assuming there might be some methylation or B conversion logjam, take SAMe 200mg to start, then up as needed. Fast.

To answer about tyrosine, it will convert to dopamine and norepinephrine. It stimulates the adrenals and the thyroid. Depending on if there is a metabolism logjam or not, it may work good or maybe not.

Unless you are working with a doctor, it would be a good idea to consider skipping the Armour Thyroid thing. Even if you do a complete thyroid panel and it looks fine, some docs treat with Armour anyway based on symptoms. But you don't want to mess with thyroid without a doc on board.

Amino acids. Yeah. Usually a decent idea. Whey protein powder is alkalanizing, which is good. But for more direct utilization of the amino acids, use the free-form ones in capsules.

Enzymes. Yeah. Digestive enzymes are a good idea for anyone under stress, fatigue, or illness. Also to go with them take probiotics.

Quick energy, take a spoonful of cayenne pepper. People with heart attacks and people who just moments ago died have been instantly revived with this technique.

To naturally stimulate all of your glands including adrenal, thyroid, hypothalamus and pituitary, take Maca root. Start with 1/2 capsule, work your way up as needed, then reduce the dose for maintenance.

Gingko biloba acts as a stimulant for most people, and has many natural benefits to boot.

I don't think the Ginsengs and stuff like that will help much, though for longterm they might be a decent base at low to medium doses.

Rhodiola works really good for some people, opposite for others. When it works, it works real fast, like within 1 to 5 days.

For oils, a mix of fish oil, flaxseed oil, and borage oil.

For vitamin/mineral energy, take chromium picolinate. It also helps balance blood sugar and glucose which will be beneficial.

There are other herbs too. On the spur of the moment here I just brought out the top picks in my mind.

Gluten sensitivity is more common than people realize and causes symptoms like yours. To test, avoid anything and everything that has even the tiniest amount of wheat, oats or barley for 2 weeks and see how you feel. If no diff, then go ahead and eat them again. If there is a diff, then you know you have just discovered something important.

Same with Candida. You might consider taking some supplements that kill it. The diet and probiotics will help a lot in the longrun anyway.

If you have silver fillings in your teeth, you have to put that as number one top priority above all else, to get them out.

Expect longterm healing with the awesome diet. For shorter term relief, consider the other supplements mentioned. If you have silver fillings, none of these things will help for very long and you will get sicker and sicker as the months and years go by.

Hope this helps! Hey, been there done that. I know where you're at from agonizing torturous horrendous personal experience. The road to victory is a long one, primarily dependent on what you consume in your mouth, but there are a good many targeted supplements that can get you feeling a lot better very quickly.

> I started this thread to see if some could follow up with their alternative TOP PICKS, and, as well, have a few ?s.
> My diet is really bad right now and I'm fatigued too often. Not dealing w/ grief very well. Food that is good for me, and self-discipline, have gone 'down the drain'.
> I'm researching malic acid, as well as folic acid versus folate.
> Is Primrose Omega 6?
> Me:
> Mag 1pt (Even when suffer from no pooping?)
> Cal 2pt
> Zinc
> Omegas 3 and 6
> B12 injections
> Folate or folic acid (Taking both as no diff'.(?)
> I know!!! I'm either missing something really big or taking nothing at all.
> I'm going to get my nuked burger out now b4 I fall asleep from fatigue and don't eat anything.
> Anyone share their TOP PICKS? Anyone have some answers?
> Oh, another ?. Does L-tyrosine work at all like Provigil (modafinil)?
> Oh, and another one; Armour Thyroid, where buy and how much take?.
> How about amino acids or enzymes?
> Hey ... I can hardly eat w/o getting sick, I'm tired, and it's hard to be my own scientist when I'm fatigued :(
> I need, I need, I need; supplements, badly.
> (I'm as bad as Bob. No. The other Bob.)
> goodevenin'all, 5f




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