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please can you block me?

Posted by alexandra_k on June 21, 2018, at 0:40:07

In reply to Re: government employees, posted by alexandra_k on June 21, 2018, at 0:29:24

like it's my masters, all over again. since it is.

pretty please?

for old times sake?

there isn't anybody to talk to here. never was. this country, i mean.

and there isn't anybody here to help me see things differnet. so... there isn't a great deal of point my posting here. and i need to be writing. and most of the stuff here is unusable, really.

it's better if i don't read the paper, and so on. because the people know not... and i'm sure there's a lot i know not, too...

for example, i'm fairly sure that fixing up the sewerage in south dunedin will cost a great deal more than putting up whatever token 'here is a sh*t hole f*ck off now and spend all your money in queenstown' statue that the council decides to.. erect... in it's honour, or whatever.

and i think that telling the tourists to f*ck off is basically where here is at, now. now that the tourists have funded some kind of infrastructure. humungous boarding houses for our otherwise vagrant youth. now the tourists won't be filling them up, so much, and our vagrant youth will have fine institutions to be living in. where they have their own lockable room (well, except for the RA who can enter whenever they like, and the cleaners...) but it will be a damn sight better for most of them. that they can sleep without being moleseted - if they chooose. that they have a place where they can put themselves and hot be hit - if they choose. and that will be significntly better than the lot most of them had otherwise.

and all this silly talk of a quiet place where they can focus on their study... that's for... i don't know how many generations...

only it's not that bad. we just want to think that it is...

whatever. i disengage.

please can you block me. i'm not entirely sure why it matters to me, but it does.

you are still here. right?

please can you block someone?






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