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Re: thc laws

Posted by rjlockhart37 on December 26, 2022, at 18:34:57

In reply to Re: thc laws, posted by rjlockhart37 on December 26, 2022, at 17:48:41

i don't think law makers will ever read what i wrote in the US will be forgotten in archives, but hopefully would just browse what i wrote, and have a view. Snd....There majorly advertising Buprenorphine as opiate alterative, read somewhere some doctors are prescribing it for depression. Like there legalizing some drugs, that were controlled in the 20th century, seen as schedule I, and promoting Buprenorphine and prescribing it opiod alternative. In the 20th century, mid, barbiturates were a big problem, just like the opioid epidemic that happened, but worse. They used barbiturates for year, then doctors in the 50s would just write a script like candy, to anyone....barbiturates heavy sedatives', they are non selective, they make you drunk, and impaired and want to sleep. There was a barbiturate epidemic, and that's why they removed them from being prescribed. They have low safely profiles, you can easily over dose, and it shuts down your respitory system since it's non selective, and go into coma, and they did major damage to American society. That's why they are almost gone, from being prescribed. They wrote scripts for seconal, all types of them for anxiety and sleep, and stupid people popped them too much and died, and they were candy...there was like no big deal about them, i think in 1970s is when medical treatment moved away from using barbiturates for anxiety, or sleep, marked them as dangerous. And i think most controlled drugs, have low safely profiles, because there easy to abuse and overdose, cause havoc in society if they were legalized. BuT THC .. like the other day, i went to go get CBD gummie candies for anxiety, they didn't have it, but they had delta 8, i just said ok, small increase in mood, and stress reduced, and yes it was mild high. They tasted like candy and i wanted to eat more, but didn't because too much thc makes you paranoid. It's in a friendly packet, like candy. It's not really considered a threat, to make people do bad things in society like hard cord drugs. They still do produce a high, and sure there's some dumb people, who will eat the whole delta 8 candy bag and have a bad trip, look intoxicated.

There's always going to be idiots who abuse drugs, where it harms them, barbiturate abuse in mid 20th centuy was major problem, too many deaths. Doctors now have to be monitored by federal laws i think on how much opiates to be prescribed. 20th century had many deaths from barbiturate, drugs that have been removed off the market, that people don't know about. So, i don't know why i wrote all that spiral, but delta 8, or even THC has low harm, it's been outlawed for year, but it's a hallucinogenic, it alters people diffently than alcohol. People coming home from work in texas, instead of dropping by to get a alcoholic drink, beer, they go to smoke shops and buy candy gummies cbd, thc, hemp products. They produce relaxation with bit different high than alcohpl, but it's pleasant

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