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Re: This was a mistake undopaminergic

Posted by Jay2112 on August 6, 2022, at 13:26:08

In reply to Re: This was a mistake, posted by undopaminergic on August 6, 2022, at 10:17:26

> > > > But I really think you need "here and now" anxiety relief, and a benzo WILL do that for you.
> > > >
> > >
> > > It did nothing for me in terms of anxiety-relief. Opioids did but I never used them repeatedly.
> > >
> Actually I did use buprenorphine daily for a while. I just didn't associate that with anxiety or even pain relief.
> > > The only effects I get from benzodiazepines is sleepiness and amnesia. Even the sleepiness didn't manifest last time I tried (temazepam) and the amnesia is also intermittent. Possibly, benzos (and alcohol) may lower the treshold for my alter personalities coming out (I have DID that is mostly dormant). I was told I vandalised my room at the hospital, but I have absolutely no memory of it; I remember taking a massive dose of clonazepam before (maybe up to a few days) it.
> > >
> > > -undopaminergic
> > >
> >
> > Does cannabis work for you?
> I don't know, I've never tried it.

I only started using it once it became legal here in Canada. I don't smoke, so they make them in little capsules, with THC and CBD. I was afraid of it triggering a psychosis, so I started low, and pretty much stay at a low dose.

> > I think you mentioned you have a schizoid disorder?
> >
> I think I have schizoid personality disorder, which got diagnosed as Asperger's. And they say I have schizophrenia but I'm skeptical -- the psychoses I've had have not been very chronic, with or without antipsychotics. I do have persistent negative symptoms, but that could be better explained by the SPD, the depression, and the dissociative disorder.

I was diagnosed as being on the ASD spectrum when I was very young, but this was before it was more widely explored these days. I know you said you didn't respond well to Risperdal, as that is often the go-to med for autism. But, I have a good friend, also autistic, who did not respond to Risperdal. How about Abilify? It has that D2 partial agonism..which actually turned up my irritability. Any older antipsychotics? Haldol, etc? Is your DID really problematic? I know it may seem 'odd' to some, but as long as it's not causing you any distress, do you really have to worry about it?

> I guess the schizoid tendency to solitariness is why I haven't tried cannabis. I've not been to many parties where I might have run into it, and I don't have many friends or acquaintance to introduce me to substances.

The solitary aspect, for sure...I honestly thought that was part of my autism. My social anxiety, unmedicated, is through the roof!! Growing up, I was as 'square' as they come. I had just one or two friends, and we often sat in our parent's basements, played D&D, drank soda, and ordered out for pizza's. lol.

> > Benzo's don't usually do anything for those with that type of illness.
> >
> Interesting. I've come across a number of schizophrenics who find benzos helpful. Maybe SPD is different in that regard?

Again, no hard and fast rules, but I have worked with a lot of kids with SPD, and ASD, and benzo's brought out the worst in many, with their relaxing inhibition. I honestly think it's possibly genetics, and for some AP's calm them, and some benzo's calm.

So, what meds/drugs have helped you best? You mentioned Latuda before. Did that poop out on you?

> -undopaminergic


Humans punish themselves endlessly
for not being what they believe they should be.
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