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Re: Psilocybin Rewires the Depressed Brain

Posted by SLS on April 15, 2022, at 9:04:08

In reply to Re: Psilocybin Rewires the Depressed Brain Hugh, posted by Jay2112 on April 14, 2022, at 21:43:42


> I think the key here is the re-wiring of neural pathways, as at times when I have felt great effect from my meds, is when they open up a deeply empathetic side to me. I don't get 'manic', but very emotional and a bit teary about music, feeling very good around people,very 'warm', can easily laugh, very pro-social, and it seems to very much be about connection. That seems to often be the opposite of what we are taught here in N. America, to be 'self sufficient', not rely on anyone else, each to their own, etc.
> Jay



The following is a political rant. If you don't care to read something that might enrage you, I recommend that you don't read beyond this sentence.


Regarding the post that I am responding to:

The selfishness of many Americans resulted in the election of a mentally unstable, arrogant, and ignorant man who was elected by people in need of a symbol. To have this symbol as president, they abandoned their own morals and common sense.

It's over for this sociopath, and hopefully, the political party that conspired to promote a coup attempt on January 6, 2021. The congressional investigation into the coup attempt has yielded enough evidence to convict a former president. The congressional investigative committee announced to the public yesterday that they are in possession of text messages sent by members of Congress to the former president, demonstrating that had knowledge of, and participated in, the planning and execution of the coup attempt. In fact, as the date for the insurrection approached, some text messages were sent by several members of Congress who belonged to the same seditious political party, advised the president NOT to follow through with the coup attempt that they obviously had knowledge of. The coup had been planned much earlier. The top military general gave instructions to his troops the day after the election that they not follow any orders that were not first cleared by him. The general expressed his concern that the former president might attempt a coup. TRUE.

Social media, especially Facebook, was exploited by a corrupt political party. They facilitated the coup attempt by organizing a "protest" mob. The mob, composed mostly of right-wing radicals, racists, and neo-Nazis, assembled right in front of this president, who spoke to them outside behind the bullet-proof glass and podium set up for him to arouse the mob This is incredibly bizarre, but real. We watched a president of the United States instruct a mob to walk on to the Capitol building, and promised to walk with them. Of course, he didn't. A lot of people in the mob brought weapons with them. Some of them were firearms, but most of them were weapons to effect blunt force trauma. Among the objects used were baseball bats and American flag staffs (how ironic), and anything else they could find lying around. The mob also constructed a gallows on the Capitol lawn that was meant to hang the vice president should he not follow through with his role in the coup. Thank God the VP did his job as presiding over a ritual rite to have Congress announce the results of the election. The method by which the former the president planned to continue his reign was to interrupt the proceedings at the Capitol while in session by attacking it. Was it an unrelated coincidence that mob attacked the Capitol building at the time Congress was in session to affirm the election results? Much of the mob climbed up the side of the building and cheered. The building was breached. "Protesters" broke windows and rammed through doors in order to flood into the interior and disrupt the election proceeding. They had a list of members of Congress to murder. Fortunately, the members of congress were informed that and insurrection was in progress, and exited the chamber to escape the insurrection. In the meantime, the mob destroyed and vandalized much of the interior, and even defecated on the floors. The rotunda served as the center of the attack.

As part of this political party's plan to take over government, a majority of its members present in the chamber stood up and moved to challenge the election and to discard the votes of the states' electors and give the election to the House of Representatives (as provided for in the (Constitution). This never happened before, and there was no precedent for supporting such an action. In order to do this, the corrupt party moved to have all of the state governors who were ready to participate in the coup discard their state's electoral votes and submit their personal choice in place of the decisions of the state's voters. I imagine the documents and mechanisms necessary for the governors to do this had already been prepared.

I am happy for people to see my political / patriotic side. Now, Congress has more than enough proof to put this former president in prison. So does the state of New York and New York City. It is beyond my understanding why duly-elected members of Congress who had previously demonstrated intellect and education, abandoned their character and education to promote lies and deception (propaganda). They preyed upon the innocence of people who had felt disenfranchised by the government - and they really were. Still, I remain in a state of incredulity for what I have witnessed, and continue to witness. This existential crisis in the United States is not over.

Americans have always lived under the belief that "It can't happen here". It did.

1. Politics = Government

2. Government = How we are *allowed* to live.


* I have written a book worth of material on Facebook regarding these issues. The foundations of American Democracy, and the constitution that engineered it, were attacked by the corrupt, ignorant, arrogant, and immoral minds of people in government elected to positions of power.

* I am going to make this my only post on this subject on Psycho-Babble. The following book, inspired by what the authors saw happening during the previous administration, explained the totalitarian goals of the former president. He is a true demagogue, who even leaders of the evangelical churches announced publicly that he "was sent by God". These Americans needed an idol to worship. They found one, and will do anything to keep him - still.


This is an excerpt from the book, "How Democracies Die":


This is the complete book in PDF format it you're interested:

- Scott

Some see things as they are and ask why.
I dream of things that never were and ask why not.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.




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