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Re: 'cruel compassion'

Posted by Christ_empowered on December 19, 2021, at 11:07:32

In reply to Re: 'cruel compassion', posted by Lamdage22 on December 19, 2021, at 8:54:01

"treatment" involves so much cruelty, though. its, I'm not "playing by the rules," because I have a decent (modest, but surprisingly comfortable) lifestyle and such, and...

truth? for any number of reasons, all the psych industry had for me was (and is, it seems) the stuff that antipsychiatry literature is made of: stigmatizing labels, unending drugs, periodic confinement (preferably in a private ho$pital, for obvious rea$on$), and poverty, labels...

psychiatric slavery, basically. happens, it seems...I'm thinking, now that I've dealt with the snarky, cruel bullying at the clinic and seen some of the long-term people/"patients" (more psychiatric casualties than success stories, OK?), I'm kind of...

ugh. done, maybe? stick a fork in me, perhaps? The only reliable way to not have whatever the handlers/experts consider "symptoms" is to be medicated, which almost always involves a tranquilizer. the problem there is...

long(er) term data isn't so promising on the tranquillizers, and that is -the class- of psych drugs with the (supposedly) strongest evidence base. now? I skimmed over a meta-analysis, and the latest round of "experts" are saying that maybe, just maybe, appropriately labeled/diagnosed people who are matched to the correct tranquilizer for their condition can expect 2+/- years of improvement -on neuroleptics- vs without them, but...

ugh. 2 years? maybe a bit extra? really? I've already been prescribed a reduced dosage, largely because I've reached a point at which even aripiprazole -- which, if one can -tolerate it- is a less toxic, less hellish option -- was creating an extra layer of "symptoms." the reduced dosage is within the "prescribing range" or what have you, its just...far, far less over-kill.

my general sense of unease and looping thoughts have both given way to...normalcy? relative calm?

no eps, no td, mood is neither way down low nor revved up....etc, etc., etc. and yet...

really? now, I'm fairly certain I'm labeled, forever and ever amen, not the worst situation, ever --for me and my own life -- , but not exactly "My best life" or...whatever. lol. :-)

I dunno. a hard part? church. no one wants to deal with a "high functioning, severely mentally ill" individual from my demographic, it seems. the "liberal" churches wring their hands over the plight of the "severely mentally ill..."

from a distance, of course. no one wants a reasonably well dressed, articulate, "high functioning" "mental patient" -in their midst- , and...

"conservative" churches? pshaw. get real. I had to, sooner than I had hoped. can't work, need to be committed...yesterday, ideally.

ugh. venting, etc. maybe there's a non-neuroleptic psych drug that will help me stay "high functioning" (ugh) and avoid all the pitfalls of long-term tranquilizer use?

psychiatry...can't live with it, society won't let me live without it. :-(




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