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Re: Who has gotten a Covid Vaccine Experiences? alexandra_k

Posted by Phillipa on August 14, 2021, at 18:13:02

In reply to Re: Who has gotten a Covid Vaccine Experiences?, posted by alexandra_k on August 14, 2021, at 1:34:12

Alex this just came in my emails. You were curious as to who is getting the booster vaccines. I copied page three who list conditions. And in the comments section not able to post the doctors from all over the World thought that antibody testing should be added to who gets the booster. See below for page three. Phillipa

CDC Officially Endorses Third Dose of mRNA Vaccines for Immunocompromised
Brenda Goodman, MS

August 13, 2021
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Receiving treatment for solid tumors or blood cancers

Taking immunosuppressing medications after a solid organ transplant

Within 2 years of receiving CAR-T therapy or a stem cell transplant

Who have primary immunodeficiencies rare genetic disorders that prevent the immune system from working properly

With advanced or untreated HIV

Taking high-dose corticosteroids (more than 20 milligrams of prednisone or its equivalent daily), alkylating agents, antimetabolites, chemotherapy, TNF blockers, or other immunomodulating or immunosuppressing biologics

With certain chronic medical conditions, such as chronic renal disease or asplenia living without a spleen

Receiving dialysis

In discussion, CDC experts clarified that these third doses were not intended for people whose immune function had waned with age, such as elderly residents of long-term care facilities, or people with chronic diseases like diabetes.

The idea is to try to get a third dose of the vaccine they've already had Moderna or Pfizer but if that's not feasible, it's fine for the third dose to be different from what someone has had before. The third dose should be given at least 28 days after a second dose, and, ideally, before the initiation of immunosuppressive therapy.

Participants in the meeting said that the CDC would post updated materials on its website to help guide physicians on exactly who should receive third doses.

Ultimately, however, the extra doses will be given on an honor system; no prescriptions or other kinds of clinical documentation will be required for people to get a third dose of these shots.

Tests to measure neutralizing antibodies are also not recommended before the shots are given because of differences in the types of tests used to measure these antibodies and the difficulty in interpreting them. It's unclear right now what level of neutralizing antibodies is needed for protection.

"Peace of Mind"
In public testimony, Heather Braaten, a 44-year-old being treated for ovarian cancer, said she was grateful to have gotten two shots of the Pfizer vaccine last winter, in between rounds of chemotherapy, but she knew she was probably not well protected. She said she'd become obsessive over the past few months reading medical studies trying to understand her risk.

"I have felt distraught over the situation. My prognosis is poor. I most likely have about two to three years left to live, so everything counts," Braaten said.

She said her life ambitions were humble. She wants to visit with friends and family and not have to worry that she'll be a breakthrough case. She wants to go grocery shopping again and "not panic and leave the store after five minutes." She'd love to feel free to travel, she said.

"While I understand I still need to be cautious, I am hopeful for the peace of mind and greater freedom a third shot can provide," Braaten said.

More Boosters on the Way?
In the second half of the meeting, the CDC also signaled that it was considering the use of boosters for people whose immunity might have waned in the months since they had completed their vaccine series, particularly seniors. About 75% of people hospitalized with vaccine breakthrough cases are over age 65, according to CDC data.

Those considerations are becoming more urgent as the Delta variant continues to pummel less vaccinated states and counties.

In its presentation to the ACIP, Heather Scobie, PhD, MPH, a member of the CDC's COVID Response Team, highlighted data from Canada, Israel, Qatar, and the United Kingdom showing that, while the Pfizer vaccine was still highly effective at preventing hospitalizations and death, it's far less likely when faced with Delta to prevent an infection that causes symptoms.

In Israel, Pfizer's vaccine prevented symptoms an average of 41% of the time. In Qatar, which is also using the Moderna vaccine, Pfizer's prevented symptomatic infections with Delta about 54% of the time compared with 85% with Moderna's.

Scobie noted that Pfizer's waning efficacy may have something to do with the fact that it uses a lower dosage than Moderna's. Pfizer's recommended dosing interval is also shorter 3 weeks compared with 4 weeks for Moderna's. Stretching the time between shots has been shown to boost vaccine effectiveness, she said.

New data from the Mayo clinic, published ahead of peer review, also suggest that Pfizer's protection may be fading more quickly than Moderna's.

In February, both shots were nearly 100% effective at preventing the SARS-CoV-2 infection, but by July, against Delta, Pfizer's efficacy had dropped to somewhere between 13% and 62%, while Moderna's was still effective at preventing infection between 58% and 87% of the time.

In July, Pfizer's was between 24% and 94% effective at preventing hospitalization with a COVID-19 infection and Moderna's was between 33% and 96% effective at preventing hospitalization.

While that may sound like cause for concern, Scobie noted that, as of August 2, severe COVD-19 outcomes after vaccination are still very rare. Among 164 million fully vaccinated people in the United States there have been about 7000 hospitalizations and 1500 deaths; nearly three out of four of these have been in people over the age of 65.

The ACIP will next meet on August 24 to focus solely on the COVID-19 vaccines.




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