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Re: Johnson + Johnson vaccine can someone explain how

Posted by alexandra_k on June 11, 2021, at 18:33:51

In reply to Re: Johnson + Johnson vaccine can someone explain how, posted by alexandra_k on June 11, 2021, at 16:54:38

what I said about GPs might sound mean -- but that's the truth to it.

our leaders have decided that such truisms as 'there will never be enough to meet genuine need' is true and they have committed to paths that result in the greatest proportion of deprivation etc etc etc...

they have decided not to invest. because they are afraid the investment will be stolen. because they think that... I don't know. they don't trust that people will be responsive to reason. world leaders or whatever.

for example, we won't invest in training people. we won't sign them off. because we think they will leave for better offers overseas. the people who leave typically say 'it's not about the money'. people don't leave for more money (though often they do in fact get more money from leaving) they leave because of everything else. because of how they can't function here. because of how the leaders won't allow things to develop.

so the strategy is to only sign off on people who we believe nobody else will want. if we have evidence of them having committed a crime, or something, then that is the kind of thing we are going for. suppose they are a pedophile and we can agree to turn a blind eye to that in exchange for them being a 'well respected and highly paid member of the esteemed professional community'. they aren't likely to leave. we choose to invest in people such as these, in other words.

and otherwise it's about keeping things as dumbed down as we possibly can. we pick the kids to do med when they are young young young. we pick the kids who were given the answers in their private schools. we pick them not because they are the brightest -- but we pick them precisely because they aren't.

then we bully them and treat them like crap. make them believe that nobody else will have them. make them believe they are lucky to have been chosen to lead in nz. make them believe that if they aren't complicit in all this then they will be thrown back onto the heap of deprivation that is the lot for the masses.

we only train people to do medicine in nz if we think they could never pass the Step examinations (for example).

the US won't take our medical students for internships or electives, pretty sure. can't afford the liability insurance for having people who won't follow instructions in the hospitals.

they were picked to go 'there there there's no labs there's no medication there's nothing for you.' 'just comply with government directive do whatever they say whenever they say because they say otherwise they'll steal your stuff and throw you in a detention facility and throw away the key'.

write a little note on your police or health file to indicate USE OF FORCE for the non-person.


we just had some trade-meeting. by the sounds of it barriers lifting for Covid response was the side-step around the fact of trade sanctions for EVERYTHING else.

locked out.

shut out.

shut down.

nz won't meet climate change obligations: no mechanical vehicles into nz.

trade sanctions.

nz was selling arms to groups on the UN blacklist.

trade sanctions.

f*ck*ng refusal to get with the programme. inability to conceive of *why*. the state of retardation...


the university of Waikato had nowhere to go on the world ranking list. if they went down overall anymore they would have dropped out the bottom of being recognised as a university at all.

but they needed to indicate that academic standards (refusal to sign students off / refusal to allow international community to sign students off) has gotten WORSE. so they give them a few points overall to have them drop in how they are perceived by academics internationally.

still they refuse.

f*ck*ng imbicels. I mean... what I am supposed to say?

the government pays them how much, again, to ensure that nz does not develop. does not have knowledgeable or skilled people. to only sign off on people they believe to be sufficiently incapacitated so as to go on t produce nothing with, do nothing with, anything to do with the qualifying degree. unless, of course, they are pedophiles or whatever in which case their sign off will be post-haste and they'll be accepted into the fold with open arms.

f*ck*ng imbiecels.

what am I supposed to say?

where is my degree?
where is my place in the training programme?
where is meaningful employment?
where did you put the job advertisements?
you are supposed to hire the BEST person for the job -- not the WORST.
f*ck*ng upside down and back to front land.
nothing grows




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