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Re: Can some of you sci wizs gen ap's

Posted by Christ_empowered on June 10, 2021, at 21:57:45

In reply to Re: Can some of you sci wizs gen ap's alexandra_k, posted by SLS on June 10, 2021, at 15:59:16

i dunno. I'm thankful that I can take (now generic...still ridiculously over-priced, somehow...) Abilify instead of...well, in my case, just about anything else.

it isn't that Abilify is a miracle pill, its just...less mind numbing, the research I've skimmed on it would seem to indicate it may be less toxic (fewer cardio deaths, less sedation, maybe less cognitive impairment) than just about anything else that's out there or at least...

out there and available to -me- , an increasingly disillusioned "mental health consumer."

so...progress is always much appreciated, most definitely. if not for me, personally, then definitely for the next generation of the mentally destroyed.

I kind of doubt much will help "negative symptoms." not saying that to be a Bummer Bob, just...a lot of what the experts choose to call "negative symptoms" is: a result of the drugs, a result of social isolation, a result of considerable stigma which often exacerbates social isolation, and...wait for it, wait for it...poverty.

its worth noting that the severely mentally ill tend to die about 15 years earlier than others in many EU nations. I think in the US the gap is worse, 20 or 25 years. and...

true to form, the antipsychiatry people point to the pills, the periodic confinement to explain this. which, honestly, is not a bad explanation, especially since the 'atypicals' carry -serious- metabolic risks that are not found with, say, moderately dosed phenothiazines.

personally, I think the pills are part of the problem. the poverty, to me, is probably a better explanation. why is one labeled with schizophrenia? poor. why is one prescribed toxic cocktails? poverty. why is one denied adequate health care? poverty.

no magic pill for poverty, I'm afraid. :-(




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