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Re: Johnson + Johnson vaccine can someone explain how

Posted by alexandra_k on May 29, 2021, at 5:25:36

In reply to Re: Johnson + Johnson vaccine can someone explain how, posted by undopaminergic on May 27, 2021, at 11:27:43


usually DNA -> mRNA -> protein.

people-cells have the DNA contained within the nucleus.

The DNA vaccines contain a fragment of DNA (not an entire chromosome or anything like that) and they use the shell of an adenovirus to get inside the nucleus. I think that is the idea. adenovirus is unique. it is the only virus that manages to deliver it's contents into the nucleus. other DNA viruses don't manage to get the DNA into the nucleus, i think. i think that's right. That's why a lot of the research focuses on using adenovirus as a vector to deliver DNA contents inside the cells. Because it can get the contents into the nucleus.

So the DNA vaccines contain a fragment of DNA and an adenovirus shell. I think I read somewhere that the introduced DNA would only likely last in the body up to a couple days or something like that before being degraded. I suppose it would break down into the bases from which is is built. Purines and pyramidines. A. C. T. G.

Now that I say it I wonder why it does degrade rather than persisting like the rest of the DNA that is inside the cell. I suppose regular DNA is wound up into a double helix to protect it when it isn't actively being transcribed into mRNA or being replicated into DNA. I don't know. But they do think that it does degrade and get eliminated by the body.

The adenovirus shell is made from protein. That would break down into aminio acids.

The DNA makes mRNA which is broken down... The spike protein is the end product. The spike protein is released from the cell and antibodies find it and clear it.

So the aim or end goal is the production of an increased population of plasma cells (b cells) that are able to quickly produce antibodies if the virus is detected in the system again. That just is immunity.


With the mrna vaccines they deliver mrna to the cytosol or cytoplasm. The mrna is translated into protein. Then things are the same from there. I don't think the mrna ones were using reverse transcriptase to make DNA... But either way... the mrna gets broken down into purine and pyramidine bases, again. A. C. U. G. I htink it is thymine being replaced by uricil in mrna...


I did read recently that the DNA or mRNA that was introduced to the body in the vaccines is degraded within a few days. It persists only really long enough to get into the target location in the cell (the nucleus or the cytosol) and then enough mrna copies are made so that enough spike proteins are made so that enough T cells and B cells are activated so that enough b cells make plasma cells which persist... With the longer-term ability to produce lots of antibodies to spike protein next time the body encounters the virus.

the idea of booster shots is that the population of plasma cells that respond diminishes over time so the immunity isn't as great as we would like. which is to say that if the body encounters the virus it might not be able to mount enough of a response to neutralise it when the virus is busy replicating itself inside the body.

i don't know if this make sense or helps.

i'll try and find the link for the source of the info




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