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Re: Johnson + Johnson vaccine can someone explain how

Posted by alexandra_k on May 16, 2021, at 23:43:41

In reply to Re: Johnson + Johnson vaccine can someone explain how alexandra_k, posted by Phillipa on May 12, 2021, at 17:32:32

i don't know.

i wrote a thesis in 2018. i know that i am a product of my surroundings etc etc and i pick up my ideas from exposure to various things...

i was saying, though, about the new zealand government's repeated refusal to look after the health of it's people.

i was toying / playing / thinking... i was thinking about whether the greatest source of oppression for the people of new zealand was a local thing or a distant thing.

i mean to say whether the new zealand government was, through maliciousness or greed or whatever... the biggest threat. the biggest stabauteur... of the people of new zealand...

whether people or forces further afield were more likely to be benevolent or malficient. whether the new zealand governments desire not to pay it's workers... to raise many many many gamma babies in substandard and inhumane abusive conditions in order to... coax... train... them into being grateful for whatever tiny scraps the government saw fit to throw them...

thinking though these things...

thinking about information. whether the new zealand government uses information about it's people to furtehr oppress and hold it's people back as hostages. as slaves...

or whether the new zealand government would use information about it's own people to furtehr the interests of the people in kind and benevolent ways in the face of international exploitation.

and i pretty much came to the conclusion that the new zealand government seems to be the worst offender. holding local slaves.

i said about vaccinations... and about how tempting it would be to provide different batches to different people if there was control of the supply chain (if you could control who would get what and when) and use that for.... well... malevolent?? intent?

about how the new zealand governent neded to step up and actually help it's people. show that it was... ethical. humane. good. do the right signalling so we get to do business with people who are comparable.

instead of signalling we are always looking to take the low road of exploitation...

and then covid comes along.

and then vaccinations come along.

and then the district health board members arrange for their friends and family to get the vaccine ahead of their turn.

and then that is documented.

so we know who got their vaccination when. we know who chose to jump the cue. and so on.

maybe itwill lead to them being promoted?

they seem to think that's how the world works.




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