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Re: Psiloscybin linkadge

Posted by alexandra_k on April 23, 2021, at 23:18:08

In reply to Re: Psiloscybin alexandra_k, posted by linkadge on April 22, 2021, at 19:22:57

> There is an incredible amount of scientific research, published by very reputable journals and researchers suggesting that psiloscybin has significant (and rapid acting) antidepressant effects that can last for weeks or months.

I think we may have different definitions of 'reputable'.

I accept what are saying that many Universitities (including Ivy League Universities) are going on about benefits of micro-dosing, they are calling it. But in order for them to micro-dose people they need to get permission to manufacture, store, and give the substance to undergraduate research subjects, typically, and then other people, too...

> Of note, LSD and psiloscybin produce rapid increases in synaptic plasticity and neurogenesis.

Like what happens when people dream?

> I would not HESITATE for a second to try psiloscybin. To be honest, I would have rather gone this route WAY before taking traditional meds.

I used to take mushrooms, yes. When they were in season I would commonly take them over the weekend. Did they help with depression? Well... You sort of have to get up early to go find them. They gave me a reason to get up early on a brisk day and go foraging about in the forest. That, in itself, was likely good for my mental health.

I enjoyed the company of the people I took them with. It gave us a reason to get together and hang out as a click or group with something in common for a few hours. The purpose or intent was to have a pleasant experience all around.


I could see that different people do different sorts of things. Some people join a cycle club or whatever. Maybe play hockey. I don't know. Cafe culture.

For me... I think it was like dreaming when I was awake. A bit like a lucid dream. Sometimes I had an intense feeling of something like profoundity. Like... Awe. I think it magnified feelings. Amplified them in some way. A little with the lower emotions. Primal ones like fear or whatever. Sometimes. But it amplified particularly the higher cognitive emotions like awe or curiority or wonder... Feelings like those.

I also found that my visual field expanded so as to be 360 degrees but what was going on outside my actual visual field was dream hallucinations.

I also had synthasthesia... Feeling colors.


It was something to do, that's for sure.

I shouldn't be judge-y. There's no reason for me to.

I guess I'm just more focused on political things these days. How people are kept in conditions of deprivation and poverty and so on by governments. How their depression or whatever is a response to that situation and how the horrible feelings they have actually have a function (should have would have if all went well) to motivate them to figure out a way ot effect change.

I worry about drugs being used to... Placate.. To ... Anesthetise. To immobilise. To prevent and restrict development and growth.

I suppose there is a role / place.

It's just where I am trying ot keep my focus for now.

I do not regret my LSD / mushie experiences at all.

Actually. NOw that I reflect upon them. Yeah.




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