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Re: Why Did ASTRA ZENECA change name to Vaxzevria?

Posted by alexandra_k on April 9, 2021, at 18:17:29

In reply to Re: Why Did ASTRA ZENECA change name to Vaxzevria? alexandra_k, posted by Phillipa on April 9, 2021, at 9:07:29

I found a Wiki entry on J&J and they are a NJ company. Janssen is their pharmaceuticals division. I didn't know that. Of course we have band-aid. I am not a baby powder user... But I see there were concerns about asbestos in the baby powder and they have limited some supply to the US (because the liability laws are developed there) and they may be mixed up with the Opiates thing.... mdkmdkdknfd...

> J&J isn't the one most of the hospitals and doctors offices have given out.

Yes. I read something today saying they are finding blood clots with J&J now.

I read something yesterday saying they were finding people fainting and so on with J&J in North Carolina yesterday. I thought that sounded psychosomatic. THe way some people have needle-fear responses to having blood drawn. Maybe an association, even. Fainting. Dizzyness. But hard to know. And if it happens with one particular batch...

> And testing on infants and children to me says it must be safe.

I really wish that were so. That is supposed to be the case.

I was reading yesterday about experiments / observational studies done in Auckland yesterday. Born into nutritional deprivation. I mean to say taking premature babies that aren't going to be breast fed and feeding them formula designed (best I can figure) to keep them in a state of Potassium deprivation. To see what happens. More particularly to try and induce a lifetime of lack of thriving and deprivation. Because... You know... Why wouldn't you? If you thought you could get away with it? Why not? I mean... Why else would you want to work with premature babies? Helping you, helping you, helping myself to you. It is important not to under-estimate the level or amount or degree of psychopathy out there.

The US has the most well-developed laws and systems of accountability Best I can figure. I mean... I'm sure there is more than a little aspect or element of Hollywood about it. But the ideal or ideology is there. That people are held to account.

Marc Hauser lost his Harvard monkey lab because falsification of data was happening in his lab and because he is the head of the lab he is responsible for the culture (whereby graduate students are falsifying their data for favorable findings).

Can you imagine how much pressure the vaccine developers were under to produce a vaccine that could be manufacturered quickly to save us all from the epidemic?

And they find blood clots... Bearing in mind how very very very very very very rare they are... They still think that the rewards (protection from Covid) outnumber the risks...

But it has become very politicised... Whereby governments are... Withdrawing emergency dispensation? Stopping vaccinating people. Choosing what vaccine is right for people. Instead of keeping as up to date with the stats as they can and providing the information. People should not hear 'it is completely safe' they should hear 'there is a risk of adverse effects associated with ANY medical procedure'. Maybe BEFORE they turn up for vaccination . Maybe in a separate appointment. I don't know... We need to get better at informed consent. The governments really really don't seem to like it, at all...

> I just question why the J&J is being used so little here.

Because Moderna. Moderna is Harvard, Phillipa. It's the latest and greatest cutting edge of vaccination technology. I don't quite know what is up with the branding... But I think Pfizer is their... Not quite their generic... But... Well... They want to trial the vaccine on more people than they can get it to with Moderna manufacturing alone... Pfizer is also American. But there's some kind of partnership with Europe. To get it into the European market. They needed countries to cough up a bit, too, with the cost of development.

And they (unspecified) are trying to help the development of health systems all around the world. Development of cold-chain storage. Motivate that. It's infra-structure needed for science research and future developments of Medicines.

> I know it's less protective

Yes, I saw that yesterday. Quite protective against severe (around 80 per cent) but a bit less protective against mild forms. Maybe (but they don't know) you can still transmit to the virus if you have a mild form (e.g., with coughs and sneezes).

> but so many people are fully vaccinated and yet getting Covid.

It takes some time for the immune response to develop so the person is protected. People don't seem to understand that. It isn't a silver bullet. You have the vaccine and it takes, I don't know... More than a week, I think, for your body to have developed a response that will protect you. Then, most of them require a booster shot after 2 weeks. To help your body keep around a number of antibodies / antibody producing cells so that you can mount a response quickly if you are exposed to the virus next time.

People aren't fully protected until a couple weeks after the second dose, I think.

So... It's a really risky time. Once people have a vaccination they think they are immediately immune and they stop doing the things that were protecting them before.

I predicted that people would transmit the virus more when they (wrongly) believed themselves to be immune a short time after they had been vaccinated. I think that's reasonable to believe.

So that could explain the huge increase in the North East. As people have one shot (or two) and feel invulnerable. Also.... Catching Covid AFTER you have been vaccinated... Is more likely (statistically) than getting a blood clot.

I think there are pockets of high density immigrants forced to huddle in the cold. They dont have bank accounts, drivers lisences, medicare, medicaid. They aren't going to be getting vaccinations -- are they?




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