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Re: Why Did ASTRA ZENECA change name to Vaxzevria?

Posted by alexandra_k on April 3, 2021, at 19:20:21

In reply to Re: Why Did ASTRA ZENECA change name to Vaxzevria?, posted by Lamdage22 on April 1, 2021, at 6:51:47

> Thinning the blood? EPA/DHA does it. I counteract with Vitamin K1

But in this case what is happening is...

(I could be wrong disclaimer).. I think what is happening is that the body is making antibodies to coronavirus (as we want it to do upon exposure to the virus, or upon vaccination). So the body is making antibodies... Having the immmune response that will clear the CoronaVirus and preserve health...

But the antibodies are not quite so specific for the CoronaVirus as we wanted it to be. Instead, they are not only attaching to CoronaVirus... They are attaching to platelets.

I think.

I think.

And then the platelets become activated. And the platelets release substances that activate the coagulation cascade. So clots start to form.

But the platelets... I think what happens is that the macrophage start chowing down on the bound antibody. When all goes well the macrophage start chowing down on the antibody-CoronaVirus complexes to clear the virus. Which is what we want to happen.

But since the antibodies bound to platelets the macrophage start chowing down on the platelets that have been bound to antibodies.


We get platelet insufficiency (bleeding out). Thats's the rash. The main risk of bleeding out is bleeding out into the brain.

But there was also (prior to platelet insufficiency) clots. From the platelets becoming activated (before the insufficiency kicked in).


I think... I think... (I could be wrong)..

That this is where you 'throw a stick at a dog'.

That is to say: IV antibodies!

If you live in the first world... You give the body squillions of antibodies for the macrophage to be so busy chomping down on them that they can't destroy all the ones that have been bound to platelets.

That's a treatment for Kawasaki disease (which is a hodge podge syndrome that is hard to remember because it isnt' a coherent syndrome it is a hodge podge of things that is the leading cause of acquired cardiac failure in developed nations that have conquered rheumatic fever).

but also high dose of aspirin. because aspirin thins the blood by a partiuclar mechanism that prevents the coagulation cascasde. So it would prevent teh thrombus from forming and -- if given early enough could even prevent the platelet insufficiency?

But now I'm thinking I read that the first line treatment is IVIG and second line was high dose aspirin.

But my story makes it sound like low dose aspirin might prevent the whole shebang.

I don't know.

But I do remember why I wanted to study Medicine.

And I don't really understand why they are to determined to teach it to people who don't want to understand anything at all. Only use their power to deprive and control.




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