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Re: Who has gotten a Covid Vaccine Experiences? Phillipa

Posted by alexandra_k on March 23, 2021, at 2:30:17

In reply to Re: Who has gotten a Covid Vaccine Experiences? alexandra_k, posted by Phillipa on March 20, 2021, at 18:12:32

> I don't feel that is fact about the fetus being a shall be say foreign object in a female's uterus. It's a combination of the Father's DNA and the Mother's DNA but might be more of one or the other.

Oh. I think it is a fact insofar as the foetus is some percentage of fathers DNA and not mothers DNA. If you were to take something from the father and implant it in the mother (a kidney, a heart, a lung, a face, an arm) then you would need to give the mother immunosuppressant medication to prevent her body from attacking the implant as foreign. There is a barrier between the mother and the foetus, usually, to prevent her rejecting it on the grounds that it is some percentage of immunologically alien...

But when she gives birth she becomes exposed to the foetus. Yeah, I'm remembering... (From books not IRL experience lolz)...

There are many different kinds of auto-immune disorders (also many different kinds of immune responses -- I think 5 from memory)... Mmm... Sometimes they are linked. Same mechanism. Other ones aren't linked.

Some women do have autoimmune disorders and they are okay with vaccinations. It depends... ANd we are still learning a lot about all this stuff...

I am not sure about hormones and autoimmune. I have been reading a lot about lifetime estrogen exposure and various cancers... But not hormones and autoimmune diseases in females... It might be to do with hormones -- but I had not heard that. I don't know why I got it into my head that it was something to do with child bearing / birthing, particularly. I might be going beyond (reaching) I might be wrong. I have a notion... Is all... I don't know where I formed that idea... Need to learn more...

> Back to covid and blood clots you piqued my interest in what is in those blood clots that form during the illness.

Yes. There are different kinds of antibody. IgG... IgM... IgM is for clumping? I think. Clumpy clumps of whatever it grabby grabs... I don't know how the body knows to make IgG and not IgM...

I read something today trying to explain about clumps. It didn't make sense. It prompted me. I don't make sense lolz. I'm thinking about it... How it could be inducing clumping...

Misfolded proteins... If the body starts cranking out antibodies... Maybe producing light chain and heavy chain the wrong radios then they tend to form clumps / misfold. A kind of prion disorder.

The clumps can lodge in the kidneys and the lungs. That was the first problem with Covid? What the people were actually dying of... Clots in the lungs and they found in the kidneys too... Clumps of what?? Antibody? I wondered... Misfolded antibody??

(NOt about the attaching to platelets and then resulting in platelet insufficiency -- that would result in bleeding out... NOt clumping... But yeah so much to remember... The freaking names of all the things. ALL THE THINGS. lolz).

I did not know about rashes... Hmm. I don't know about that.

It is hard to say, Phillipa. Because you do get random events. And we are talking lots of doses of all the different vaccines that have been given, now. It's like how you do hear about people being struck by lightening or whatever occasionally... But these serious side effects (all non lethal so far??) Are very very rare when you consider how many people have been vaccinated thus far.

And things could start looking different with respect to 'which is best' down the track. We just don't know...

They have all gone through an approvals process etc. They are all likely to be okay.




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