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Re: Who has gotten a Covid Vaccine Experiences?

Posted by alexandra_k on March 20, 2021, at 17:39:37

In reply to Re: Who has gotten a Covid Vaccine Experiences? alexandra_k, posted by Phillipa on March 20, 2021, at 9:54:13

Yes, that's right. Bacteria can get into the blood (particularly a kind of bacteria that lives in the mouth / oropharynx) and if the body is required to mount a serous immune response to that bacteria then the antibodies that the body starts to make have a tenency to attack self-tissue. Heart valves.

So you want to give people anti-biotics to keep down the number of the bacteria so that the body doesn't start pumping out the massive numbers of antibodies that cause problems.

That could be a reason why you might want to do careful research on how much of a dose you give people when you vaccinate them. If some people have a very reactive immune system (older women) then you might want to give them weaker doses to produce the required immune response...

I think women might have more of a tendancy to develop auto-immune conditions because they carry a foetus. A foetus is not-them. It is an antigen. It should be... There are things that go on so that the woman's body suppresses an immune response against the foetus... But I do wonder that the cost of that (if you like) is that the body develops autoimmune problems later. Tendancy to. I don't know that that is true. That would predict that the more kids a woman had the higher risk of autoimmune would be and I don't know that that is true at all. There is a lot I don't know / understand about immunology...

That is interesting what you said about teeth / gums. Actually. We have rheumatic fever in NZ. Quite a lot of it. Because people (Maaori but also Pacific Islanders even more so) are not given antibiotics by their rural community GPs. They (the GPs) are full of excuses about how they won't take them anyway but the biggest excuse is that we don't want to breed resistent bacteria. But then you look at how we prophylactically feed chickens and so on antibiotics precisely so that we can keep them in unsanitary conditions that would kill them otherwise... And it's not about us caring about antibiotic resistence. It is about us making active decisions to keep people in the worst conditions we can get away with. Withholding medical treatment from people who would likely consent. Forcing medical treatment from people who would not.

> But the Johnson & Johnson vaccine if not mRNA vaccine doesn't present the same clotting problems does it?

I don't know what the clotting problems are. I don't know what sub-population was found to have clotting problems and I don't know if it was limited to a particular place with manufacturing. I don't think that clotting problems have been noticed for any other vaccine and also it is apparently controversial whether there are any clotting problems at all with the other one.

> Last evening on the news it is reported that this Covid is evolving so fast that there are I think it's 6 variants that the FDA and CDC are watching closely. New booster vaccines are being produced now for these new variants.

Yes. That's the vision. New mRNA vaccines for new strains... People will get 6 monthly or yearly vaccinations against the latest spectrum of things that people have decided people should be vaccinated against... Like... Software updates every few months or whatever to keep your computer online. Plugged in. Functional.

In New Zealand... We have had various government interventions. Being told we are requird to stay home and not go to work. Courts being closed for business for a bit. Things like that. Face masks on buses... Events cancelled. Concerts and the like.

But with respect to Covid... We haven't really had it. I don't know that a single person in NZ has died of it. Our hospital system was not overwhelmed... The consultants fled and they emptied out... People wouldn't present because they were afraid. It was embarrassing for our health sector that while the rest of the world was inundated with medical work ours closed up shop. Nobody home.

People were complaining they were having a baby... Their husband or friend or support person was not allowed in the hospital. Then they were left isolated and unattended for many hours in the hospital. There wasn't anybody there.

There's nobody in NZ... They make artificial clumps. They encourage / force peopel to congregate in very very large groups all packed together. But you go 50m in a direction and there's no people so far as the eye can see...

Only about every 3rd apartment is lived in. Etc.

We just had the Americas Cup yachting event. I live on the harbour now. It is a nice central location. But I see the artificiality in the way tehy structure everything to try and force crowds...




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