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Re: Who has gotten a Covid Vaccine Experiences? Phillipa

Posted by alexandra_k on March 15, 2021, at 20:27:54

In reply to Re: Who has gotten a Covid Vaccine Experiences? alexandra_k, posted by Phillipa on March 14, 2021, at 22:18:25

Apparently we did purchase a 'diverse portfolio' of 4.

I think because we were told 'are you a developed nation -- in which case you contribute towards the cost of production. We don't know which (if any) will be successful. Contribute towards the cost of production'. Or... Is the plan for NZ to cry cry cry cry cry for vaccine hand-outs like impoverished nations where the leaders are too corrupt to invest in the costs of production? We don't have skilled labor to contribute to production. By the time the kids of the elite officials mopped up all the grades and all the scholarships and all the training places... By the time they got all the money for being yes-men... The best we could do was make a little hand-sanitiser to WHO receipe until our foreign supply of materials dried up.

So we should at least pay money dollar dollar bills to understand the cost of refusing to allow the people of NZ to contrbute towards development.

So now we have 4 different kinds arriving on our shores. But we won't train a task-force to know that different vaccines are different with different instructions on how they are to be stored and administered. Nope. It's tooooooooooooooooooo haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaard. There is only allowed to be ONE protocol for ALL the vaccines.

Distribution and roll-out of all the other vaccines has pretty much halted. No MMR vaccines. We are heading towards mumps epidemics (again). Because the government has over-focused on shiny shiny single thing to attract ALL the attention right this minute.

It seems cheaper and easier to make everybody do the same thing. They don't have a sense of diversity and robustness. They won't train all and only the people with the capacity (cognitive or otherwise) for any of that. THey want their idiot children to do it and that's the capacity of their idiot children and there we go.

We are struggling because not many people in NZ understand informed consent. THe things that have been coming out of some of the MInisters mouths lately...

Then the overseas think-tank started writing the policicians speeches or something and we started getting some sensible things through in the media again.


They can't cognitively process the thought that everybody isn't required to be all exactly the same (to make their managing easier). They can't deal.

I don't think any other country was nasal swabbing children -- because nasal swabs done properly are very invasive. You need to get a collection of cells right at that sensitive part of yoru oropharynx where you have a concentration of neural endings for your sense of smell... Odor / chemo / taste receptors. That's where the virus targets in the oropharynx. It's very invasive to get a swab of there...

The US (insfoar as I could tell) waited for saliva testing to be developed BEFORE rolling out testing (before rolling out saliva testing) of kids in schools and the like.

NZ waited until we had in fact developed the capacity for saliva testing. Then, very very shortly after it was announced we had the capacity to do saliva testing they voluntarily chose to bully all the kids (all but about 2 of them) into having a nasal swab test at one of the High Schools.

When you only have about 2 kids opting out in an entire school...

That tells you informed consent is'nt working. Because you would expect a higher number to opt out if their decision was accepted.

That is to say New Zealanders most often do not have the right to refuse medical treatment. I am not denying they would rightly be required to quarantine themselves for the health of the people. But they have a right to not undergo an invasive procedure and choose to quarantine instead.

But our politicians / senior health officials don't view it that way.

Tribal leaders, partiuclarly, think they have the right to force their tribe to comply with their will. But the white leaders don't treat their people any better. It is wrong to view it as a cultural thing. It is correct to view it as tyrants disrespecting and disregarding the humanity of their people which means they cannot be the rightful leaders of their people.


I would have chosen the Johnson one if I was (relevantly) you I do believe because you are, I think over 60 female. You don't have history of known allergy but you are still highest risk of potentially having an allergic response. You have good access to good healthcare and you likely don't need to bring your own epipen and person capable of administering it to be okay if you did happen to have an allergic response... You could probably trust your health system...

But the moderna and pfizer are newer technology and if I were you I'd let teh young-uns offer themselves while that all gets ironed out. I would be conservative, in your age bracket. The Johnson is the older (more standards therefore probably more reliable) and you only need 1 shot. Likely. So decrease teh risk of negative response. Half it. Maybe. Even.

That being said they'd all likely be just fine.

I wouldn't worry or stress about any of them... Even the recent recent stuff about blood clots... I think that might have more to do with them not wanting to offer 1st dose of it to new people in order to ensure that people can have the 2nd dose of it who had the 1st dose of it. They are trying to get the public on-side with moving to the next type of vaccine that countries are rolling out because they have a diverse portfolio...




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