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Re: Can Tryptophan or 5-HTP be used with Antidepressan

Posted by Christ_empowered on March 14, 2021, at 4:29:11

In reply to Can Tryptophan or 5-HTP be used with Antidepressan, posted by Lamdage22 on March 14, 2021, at 3:39:37

i dunno. really helpful, i know. the last time i skimmed the ((limited)) research on it, it looked an awful lot like 5-htp could enhance response to antidepressants, without serotonin syndrome...

but there are -so many- things going on, here. 2 low dose antidepressants, 2 full dose 'atypical' neuroleptics, plus the underlying condition.

i don't know much at all about tryptophan supplements. 5-htp seems to have become the 'preferred' alt substance ever since some people died from the contaminated tryptophan way back when (I know, isolated incident, etc...I'm just sharing what I've seen in the very, very limited pool of available evidence).

personal suggestion? I know this is going to sound like a 'broken record,' etc., but...Orthomolecular. seriously. at high doses, B3 (I personally go for niacinamide) indirectly boosts tryptophan levels, in addition to its more immediate actions on GABA receptors. This probably explains some of B3's psych effects, over the medium- to long-haul...

anti-anxiety, improved sleep, reduced obsessions, reduced compulsions, anti-aggression, mellowed and brightened mood. true story.

the only 'problem' is that it isn't quite as simple as pop B3 till one feels better. The preferred protocols involve -at least matching- one's B3 dosage with vitamin C, plus a couple high potency b-complex tablets, per day. One would be well-advised to also take a decent multivitamin.

I've reintroduced B3 (yes, again), after having ditched it for a while. Funny that the mental health people say "You're making strides in recovery!" (recovery from...what, exactly?), I find that the (fairly simple, but relatively high-dose) Orthomolecular protocol (DIY, of course) is far, far more helpful than similar supplementation was, in years past.

My --personal protocol-- ...which is to say, this is what I take, when I remember, not something that is "the solution" or what have you, DIY 'hope this works' combo, that's all...

is as follows: 1 b-100 tablet + 4 grams vitamin C + 2 grams niacinamide, 3x daily (max...more often, I get 2 doses in). niacinamide is my go-to B3, but I will say that above 6 grams/daily, nausea and appetite suppression become an issue. :-(

I do take additional supplements. I'm trying to get in 20 grams/daily vitamin C. I take 1000 IU natural form E w/ additional mixed tocopherols. multivitamin, when I remember. I just added Rhodiola and Ashwagandha. The rhodiola seems surprisingly...helpful, already.

ok. just my non-professional, take it or leave it input/'advice,' that's it and that's all.

hope this helps. :-)




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