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Re: Who has gotten a Covid Vaccine Experiences?

Posted by alexandra_k on February 28, 2021, at 12:06:11

In reply to Re: Who has gotten a Covid Vaccine Experiences? Phillipa, posted by alexandra_k on February 28, 2021, at 11:50:21

Have you heard of the 'Stanford Prison Experiment'?

It was a psychology experiment done in the 60s or 70s or whatever. It was set up as a role-play.

People / students were arbitrarily chosen to be 'detained' (prisoners) or 'detainers' (guards) in a camp / live in situation.

They were arbitrarily assigned to one of those group. At random. They knew the selection was arbitrary and random.

The guards went on to treat the 'prisoners' horribly. Because they had the power to. They seemed to come to believe that they were justified in treating them badly. Subjecting them to arbitrary orders. Forcing them to comply... Just because they could. Because they had the power to.

That's what staying in a detention facility is like.
That's what going to school is like.
That's what seeking health care is like.

You have these monkeys in their monkey suits. To indicate they have all the money. They have been picked arbitrarily to be one of those throwing their weight and throwing their orders around...

And then you have the chosen victims. Chosen because the monkeys in their monkey suits picked them out... Decided it was interested in compliance from them, particularly...


Recently we hear of a couple people in the prisons... Sent to prison for bashing in the head of (in one case) a convicted pedophile. In other case someone she alleges was a pedophile (but I don't think they bothered to establish that) before they locked them up and threw away the key.

And now the prison guards of New Zealand (not our problem because our government contracted out which they believe removes them from responsibility -- control of the prisons to a UK firm)... And now the prison guards of New Zealand pepper spray bomb their cells and so on....

The conditions they are kept in where the Ombudsman writes over and over that he doesn't see anything wrong with the inhumane and unlawful conditions they're kept in.

Because the Ombudsman is carefully picked and paid to say that.

You should see the criterion they use (unofficial) to select doctors and teachers and...

I don't think NZ could be working to exterminate it's people any faster / harder.


Covid isn't here, yet.


I am waiting on jugment from the courts.

The problem is:

What do you have to do to get into Law School in New Zealand?
To get signed off on your law degree?

To make it up the system as judge...

Do I really think there will be justice for me?

I think our leaders are quite keen to lead us swiftly into extinction is what I think.

Can't really make much sense of things, otherwise.


We just trained our nurses.

They are not using the low deadspace tips they are supposed to be using to extract the 6th dose of vaccine.

They are turning the vials upside down and they reckon they can coax it out of the vial without a low deadspace tip.

Ingenuity they are calling it.

I think that's what they were calling it in Samoa when they decided to reconstitute the MMR vaccine with expired anasthetic solution instead of saline.


These are the people who should be worried about vaccines, Phillipa.

People with access to developed systems with checks and balances and so on...

New Zealand has made it clear to me it'd prefer me dead.

So why would I let them near me with a barge pole?

And what the hell did htey expect (they didn't care they thought they would always be in a position to force compliance).

We just nasal swabbed a school (minors under 18) AFTER saliva testing became available. For no other reason than the MOST INVASIVE OPTION.

it's all just a thinly veiled co-ercion / compliance / force.

That's New Zealand.

I don't see people.

I don't see people here.




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