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Re: Who has gotten a Covid Vaccine Experiences?

Posted by alexandra_k on February 14, 2021, at 12:28:45

In reply to Re: Who has gotten a Covid Vaccine Experiences?, posted by Lamdage22 on February 14, 2021, at 9:47:37

> It sounds like normalcy is not anywhere in reach.

sigh. i think there are definately aspects of 'new normal' about it.

i think most people are saying that some things are better now?

but people are missing some aspects...

we care about Covid because we've been given this story (and been presented with evidnence) of people (young seemingly healthy people) dying of Covid.

but there are other viruses, too... herpes viruses and the like... and these other viruses infect people and lie dormant in wait... and then kill them years later. cancers or whatever.

so... i think there is an element of people (unspecified) hoping that some of the hygeine messages are part of 'new normal'. hand washing and maybe we've learned to hold in our sneezes with wearing face masks...


yeah. i don't know.

i think governments are trying to change economies...

it isn't sustainable a lot of what was going on in the world with migrant workers and the like. swarms of migrants like locusts in search of a better life... not finding the better lives they were seeking AND ruining things for us all. the situation -- not the migrants. the fact the people were forced to be migrants.

the new zealand government is required to allow citizens re-entry. the truth of it. the government doesn't want them here. we say 'brain drain' and 'bright flight'. but the truth of it is that the leaders here / the government here bullied them away / made things not good for them here so they set off for a better life...

but things got sh*tt**r and sh*tt**r and sh*tt**r here because the people fled instead of holding the people here to account. the people who come back see how things have de-evolved here... and if they are forced to stay here they are forced to help things progress here.


that's the kiwi way.


only treat the involuntary. everything must be done by force.

except the Covid vaccine roll-out of course. that isn't expediated under a state of emergency. there is no emergency justification for experimenting on the new zealand people. the people aren't being told that the vaccines are experimental. the people are being told that this is how the government always or typically or normally makes it's decisions about approvals. the vaccines were approved here under the normal or regular rules and not special dispensations because of a state of emergency.

after i said that... we got put back into lockdown and they are trying to rush getting the vaccine to the detention facility frontline health workers. quickly quickly quickly before someone seeks an injunction to stop them, i suppose.

because of the way teh government chooses to go about it's business... i don't trust them. i think it is likely our government quite particularly attempted (maybe even succeeded) in trading away the health of its people.

i wouldn't be surprised if they give half the people saline... or gave half the people their vaccine doses mixed with expired anasthetic... just to see what would happen. because there's no emergency here. just to see what would happen. there's no excuse.

where are the informed consent forms?




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