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Lou's response-develops anti-Judaism

Posted by Lou Pilder on September 23, 2016, at 8:09:48

In reply to Lou's response-develops anti-Judaism, posted by Lou Pilder on September 22, 2016, at 17:23:40

> > > > > > > > > > Yeah that's the only solution. Ignore him. I'm wondering though is what he says true? Does this forum really promote anti-antisemitism?
> > > > > > > > >
> > > > > > > > > I have never seen any antisemitism on the part of posters or moderators. I have been here since 2000. Being Jewish myself, I take seriously any posts that deserve scrutiny. The posting history of Lou Pilder is long and undeserving of recounting. As of today, as far as I can see, antisemitic posting is absent, and not at all promoted or protected by the owner or previous moderators.
> > > > > > > > >
> > > > > > > > > If you would like to continue with this conversation, perhaps we can move it to either the Administration board or the thread beginning at:
> > > > > > > > >
> > > > > > > > >
> > > > > > > > >
> > > > > > > > >
> > > > > > > > > - Scott
> > > > > > > >
> > > > > > > > Thank you, Scott. I prefer to not continue with this conversation as I'm not interested to talk about that delusional dude. He has done an excellent job sending negative energy.
> > > > > > > >
> > > > > > > Friends,
> > > > > > > The poster calls me a delusional dude. and what I write sends negative energy.
> > > > > > > This could decrease the respect , regard and confidence in which I am held and induce hostile and disagreeable opinions and feelings toward me.
> > > > > > > The anti-Semitism being created and developed here is not a delusion as it is plainly visible. This could seriously mislead you to also deny the reality of what can be seen plainly. That is called denial and is not a sound mental-health practice according to many psychiatrists. But it is allowed here to be seen as being supportive.
> > > > > > > This poster that I am responding to now joins the pack of posters pretending that they just don't see. How many deaths will it take, before you are allowed to be free.
> > > > > > > Lou
> > > > > > >
> > > > > > Friends,
> > > > > > Another pathway used by Hsiung to create and develop anti-Semitism is to allow Scott and others to defame me by the false accusation against me that what I write will destroy the forum.
> > > > > > By Hsiung allowing Scott and his followers to be immune from his enforcement policy, he denies me the equal protection of his rules which is discrimination. Discrimination is an abuse of power that in this case can arouse anti-Semitic feelings as the Jew posting here is allowed to be defamed with impunity. The denial of me having the equal protection of the rules here induces a community of hate that could lead you to your deaths. The allowing by Hsiung is against the Jew which is what ant-Semitism is. Here, by Hsiung allowing Scott and others to stigmatize me, the harm from discrimination is seen as being supportive by Hsiung and the humiliation from being discriminated on is going to be good for Mr. Hsiung and his community as a whole so he says his thinking is. But by saying that allowing defamation and stigmatization to me here will be good, readers could be seriously misled to think that defamation that a Jew is harming the community is to be allowed by Hsiung, readers could think that it is in Mr. Hsiung's thinking that it will be good and it is a good thing for this forum to create and develop against the Jews.
> > > > > > To deny the Jew in the community equal protection of the laws that could protect him, could lead to the promotion of anti-Semitic hate.
> > > > > > Never again
> > > > > > Lou
> > > > > > Here Scott is allowe to defame me here saying that I will destroy this forum. but he does not specify with any citation of a post by me to substantiate his accusation against me.
> > > > > >
> > > > > >
> > > > > Friends,
> > > > > Hsiung allows Judaism itself to be insulted here. This could be referred to as ant-Judaism. It is another pathway that Hsiung uses here that can create and develop anti-Semitic hate.
> > > > > In the post the poster writes that Judaism is an insult to human intelligence. By Hsiung allowing the defamation against Judaism, the adherents of Judaism are also put down. That also puts me down.
> > > > > But it is much worse than that. Hsiung wants you to trust him in what he does here, or even what he doesn't do. Judaism is not an insult to human intelligence and that lie against the Jews promotes anti-Semitism here in spades as readers see a psychiatrist validating the hate as he allows it to be seen as supportive.
> > > > > The tragedy here is that you could be drawn into the vortex of anti-Semitic hate by trusting Mr. Hsiung and those in concert with him. By you denying that the humiliation of the Jews is being carried out here you could then deny other realities that could cause great psychiatric harm to come to you. You see, if you pretend that you just don't se what is plainly visible here, you could be directed into a fantasy mind-set that could draw you into a false reality that no drug could cast out.
> > > > > Lou
> > > > >
> > > > >
> > > > Friends,
> > > > You may not have the education that enables you to identify how anti-Semitism is created and developed in a community.
> > > > I have prepared a partial list of the tactics used by crafty leaders to create and develop ant-Semitism in their community. You do not have to be a mastermind to foster hatred toward the Jews in a community.
> > > > Let us look at these and then you could have your eyes opened and be awakened to the hatred that is being fostered toward the Jews here by Hsiung and those he uses for that purpose by allowing them to be exempt from his enforcement policy.
> > > > Lou
> > > >
> > > >
> > > Friends,
> > > The pathways to create and develop anti-Semitism in a community are all plainly visible here. One of the most horrible of tactics is scapegoating. When a Jew in a community is trying to stop the community from creating and developing anti-Semitism, and the leader allows the Jew to be a target of scapegoating, then the scapegoating is anti-Semitic scapegoating and can create more anti-Semitism.
> > > Here it is plainly visible that Mr. Hsiung allows others to use me as a scapegoat. Let us look at this and then I will connect it to the other pathways of hate being developed by Hsiung here as he allows the scapegoating to be seen as being good for hid community as a whole in his thinking.
> > > Lou
> > >
> > >
> > Friends,
> > Another pathway to create and develop anti-Semitism is for Hsiung to allow ant-Semitic epithets and is allowed by Hsiung to be seen as being supportive and will in his thinking be good for his community as a whole.
> > To stereotype a Jew in a community where the Jew is trying to stop the creation and development of anti-Semitic hate, is to further anti-Semitism in the group as being civil.
> > Here, Scott uses the ancient anti-Semitic stereotyping of me as a pariah, as Jews were stereotyped as pariahs so that others could commit mass-murder thinking that they were doing what would be good for their country as a whole.
> > Hsiung uses Scott skillfully here to promote this type of anti-Semitic hate that could channel readers in the pathway that leads to anti-Semitic hate, drawing others into the web of deception that could poison the minds of readers here to hate Jews. Hsiung gives a (false) justification for others to follow Scott here in posting what could lead others to hate Jews, as Hsiung allows the Jew here that is trying to stop the anti-Semitism to be defamed and degraded as a pariah.
> > Never again.
> > Lou
> >
> >
> Friends,
> Anti-Semitism can be created and developed in a community in many ways. Now let us look as an encouragement from Mr. Hsiung that I think could lead readers to think that he is developing anti-Semitism here by not only using a third party, but also joining in himself to further hatred toward the Jews as being inferior to Chritendom people.
> In the following post, Hsiung thanks the poster and says that it is good for what she posted. She posted what is known as a part of the doctrine of replacement theology that puts down Jews as having no truth or grace as the verse cited has been used historically to persecute Jews and spread anti-Judaism. This could lead readers to think that Mr. Hsiung wants to develop a community of people that also think it's good, for he wants readers to trust him. This demeans Judaism itself which is known as anti-Judaism.
> Let us look at what Mr. Hsiung said. What he does is validate what the poster said as being good. Why is it good?
> Lou
Creating and developing anti-Semitism here by Mr. Hsiung is done in a crafty manner by him abusing his power to manipulate the content to lead readers to believe that Judaism in a community will bring harm to the community and must be portrayed as being uncivil and not supportive to the community. That slanders Jews and stigmatizes them by Mr. Hsiung as actually making Judaism to be seen an inferior faith to be a Jew in this community. For he allows the foundation of hatred toward the Jews while he will not allow the foundation of Judaism to be seen and expel me if I was to post it.
This is one of his prohibitions to me here that prevent me from sharing with you what could free you from depression and addiction.
When you see the post in the following link, there is another link to click on that brings up the anti-Judaism and prohibition to me by him. Mr. Hsung has another prohibition to me that I can not post that link. But another here could, which further shows the hideous discriminatory intent of Mr. Hsiung to defame the Jews here.




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