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Lou's response-They hate the God that Jews cherish

Posted by Lou Pilder on September 12, 2016, at 18:22:19

In reply to We don't dare if you are a Jew Lou Pilder, posted by AlexCanada on September 11, 2016, at 21:36:33

> No one cares if you're a jew you repulsive lunatic. None of us would even know unless you stated it endlessly. Go to hell. We hate you because of how you conduct yourself and not because of your faith. Jew, christian, muslim.... WE do not care. Understand that the world hates you because of WHO YOU ARE and what WHAT you are.
> Your entire life you blame people for being anti-semetic but they are all simply just anti-Lou. People hate you because you are a disgusting sociopath devoid of human empathy and unable to connect to others on any level resembling that of a human being.
> Go to hell.
> > > Hi RJ.
> > >
> > > Would be willing to redirect this conversation to the Faith board?
> > >
> > >
> > > - Scott
> > >
> > > Friends,
> > Look here as Scott wants what could be a faith board post to be redirected. But his accusing me of being a troll he has not posted on a board outside of the medicine board. What is Scott's intent, and to whom is the obvious revealed?
> > Can you not see Scott's intent here? Are you all so blind to the truth that you follow Scott in his rampant defamation of me and posting of anti-Semitic propaganda all being allowed in concert with Mr. Hsiung to be seen here as supportive? Awake!
> > Lou
> > > ---------------------------------------
> > >
> > >
> > > > damnation to hell is for those who reject jesus christ, i'm a christian, and i believe all of our works will be on judgement day at the matter who you are.....the white throne of judgement, and you can't make an accusation that where going to be damned. That is up to God, and Christ, not by a human person. It's our works at the end, that will matter....your accusing the whole board of defamation when you are repeatedly making accusations. Jesus Christ covers our sins, but we have to make it point to be sin free, in daily life style.....
> > >
> > > Friends,
Alex writes that I am a repulsive lunatic. This is allowed by Mr.Hsiung to be seen here as being supportive. That could arouse anti-Semitic feelings here and to readers as they can see that Mr. Hsiung thinks that it will be good for his community as a whole and him to have the defamation seen as supportive coupled with the other statement that those that reject Jesus go to hell.
This can foster hate against me and the Jews as the Jew, myself, is trying to stop Mr. Hsiung from creating and developing anti-Semitism from this forum.
Then Alex tells me to go to hell. This is standard anti-Semitism spread by European Fascism as claiming that the Jews rejected Jesus so then the god that they give service and worship to condemned the Jews to hell. That is a lie against the Jews and lies against the Jews is what anti-Semitism is.
The tragedy here is that Hsiung will not post a repudiation of the lie against the Jews. This could lead vulnerable readers here to think that anti-Semitism is what Hsiung wants to get from this site, not support and education, for the statements by Alex could create and develop anti-Semitic animus that could belch out from here as a furnace of hate. This site then becomes a pumper of hate that could further the Jew-hater's agenda as a psychiatrist could be seen as validating anti-Semitic hate.
Alex goes on to say that the world hates me. That is what has happened to the Jews over centuries as crafty men used the populace to create and develop anti-Semitism, just as it is being done here. These tactics are not new and Hsiung could know the playbook well.
But why would crafty men use the populace to create and develop hatred toward the Jews? I know of only one singular answer and that is that they hate the God that the Jews cherish.
> >
> >




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