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Lou's response-the damnation AlexCanada

Posted by Lou Pilder on September 10, 2016, at 7:49:42

In reply to You are dead wrong. Very dangerous thinking. Phillipa, posted by AlexCanada on September 8, 2016, at 23:01:28

> > Been reading and do you realize that now some posters here are now bullying in my opinion only Lou. Yes he frustrates many with constant warnings of Death & Harm from Medications. But If he is or possibly does have a mental illness don't you feel you are hurting him and shunning him. Since Bob is no longer here shouldn't we start supporting Lou and encouraging him to seek help (which he very well could be) and support him? Instead is there a possibility he is right? I know for myself taking meds since age 24 means there is a form of addiction involved and it has changed my brain. Years ago my husband was given paxil which he only took a month and never took a med again and he's now a very productive member of society who accomplishes way more than I could ever hope to accomplish. Yes he's younger but it doesn't explain why since beginning meds and that includes synthroid the worst for me that I now have even more problems both physical and mental? So I urge you to stop bullying Lou and instead be the supportive people you claim to be. And babble is very cliquish. Just my opinion. So my turn for the chopping block. Or to have this post skipped over Phillipa
> This type of thinking is very dangerous. If we were speaking about a tyrant like Hitler would you offer him support? Would you continue to enable him by feeling sorry for him?
> He has caused endless harm and harassment on an on-going basis.
> If you want to support someone who has made zero effort to support others on this forum over the past 15 years then that's unfortunate. You cannot Reason with a sociopath. I don't think you comprehend who we are dealing with.
> This kind of mentality would allow abusive and horrible people to walk all over those who are in need.
> Lou has a large family, a wife, and is very wealthy. He doesn't need our help and he is beyond help. He has spent 15 years here abusing people and you think there is some manner in which you can seriously help him?
> Lou bullies people in a weekly basis. With all due respect how dare you stand up for him? I don't think you comprehend the damage and heartache he has caused. You might as well be sticking up for a serial killer and I am not kidding.
> You want to feel compassion for anything and anyone but your inner appeal for connection towards others is clouding your judgment.

Alex writes,[...Lou has spent 15 years abusing people here...].
This type of accusation against me is allowed by Mr. Hsiung. The tragedy here is that by him allowing it, readers could think that it is true. That is a pathway that Hsiung uses to channel hatred toward me that can create and develop anti-Semitic hate, as Hsiung also allows anti-Semitic propaganda to be seen as supportive.
The members here being allowed to have immunity from Mr. Hsiung's rules is treating the Jewish person here, myself, differently than those that post hatfred towrd me. This produces two standards, one for those that post anti-Semitism and one for the Jew that has prohibitions made to him by Mr. Hsiung. This is one definition of what anti-Semitism is in a community. Anti-Semitism means against the Jew but it could also mean denying the Jew equality in the rules to provide equal protection for the Jew. This is done here with the knowledge of a psychiatrist that turns my stomach.
Do you really want to be a part of this? Do you want to be in concert with Mr. Hsiung? Do you want to embrace the hate that Mr. Hsiung is allowing here to be seen as being good for this community as a whole according to the thinking of Mr. Hsiung?
Greater men than him have established a community where Jews are discriminated upon. The humiliation of discrimination can last a life time. But it is all Jews that are humiliated here by Mr. Hsiung denying me, the Jewish member, the equal protection of his rules and the anti-Semitic propaganda being allowed to be seen as supportive by him.
You see, those that want to expel me from this forum do not have clean hands as they are in concert with Mr. Hsiung to defame Jews as this poster, Alex, brings in an association with Hitler to the Jewish member which Hsiung allows.
You that say that you must leave. You that say that I bring harm to the community. You that deride me and accuse me. You that manufacture falsehoods against me. You that deride Phillipa because she sees it and says so. You that get immunity from Hsiung. You that post hate and defamation with impunity. You that want to silence me. You serpents, you vipers, how can you escape the damnation of hell?




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