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Re: Doesn't anyone else find this scarey? ╗ Meltingpot

Posted by Robert_Burton_1621 on July 19, 2015, at 12:59:56

In reply to Doesn't anyone else find this scarey?, posted by Meltingpot on July 8, 2015, at 10:26:46

> I find the thoughts of Gotzsche really scarey and it makes me very angry. Especially this:-
> "exclusively be used in acute situations and always with a firm plan for tapering off, which can be difficult for many patients," Dr G°tzsche argues"
> Would Dr Gotzsche argue that pain killers should only be used in acute situation and there should always be a firm plan for coming off them??? Would this Doctor expect people in Pain just to continue to suffer and manage their pain. What does he suggest that people do instead of taking their psychiatric medication, sit in a room meditating for hours, surrounded by bonsai trees and alpha wave music in the background??? or spend endless years in therapy going over and over the same ground???
> What makes Dr Gotzsche think everyone should come off all their medication? What makes him an expert. What reason would there be for doing this? Admittedly, some people do come off antidepressants and are ok, I did (mainly because of all the scaremongering) and was ok for three years but I could NEVER come off them now. I'd rather be DEAD than not on medication. For this Doctor to imply that all people should come off their psyciatric medication is downright reckless. We had a lady in the UK with schizophrenia who came off her meds when she was pregnant because she didn't want to harm her new born child. A couple of days after the baby was born the woman walked out of the hospital with her baby (unnoticed by any of the hospital staff) and threw herself and her new born baby off a bridge.
> I think that Dr Gotzsche could have said "people should be encouraged to come off medication if they want to and feel that they can" What does this Dr Gotzsche consider as "Acute" exactly? A person having their stomach pumped from an overdose? Being in hospital having your wrists bandaged??
> I think we should all petitition against this man.
> Also, I've never understood how the placebo effect is supposed to work in a very depressed person. When I have been at my lowest point I have had no expectations of anything working. I've never had a placebo response to anything. It either works or it doesn't. I know how a placebo feels, it's a very vague feeling, where you can't be sure. I think only people who are very suggestible have placebo response. I have a friend who has a very vivid imagination, she only has to take a handful of vitamin B tablets for her to feel full of energy (I kind of question this and am sure it is her imagination)
> Anyway, sorry to go on but how I feel off meds haunts me. I've had two so called specialists (I've seen many over the years, some very good and sympathetic) imply that I should come off medication. One refused to help me and told me to go away and practice "Mindfulness" after I had told him that I had been pacing up and down, wretching and was feeling like I just wanted to kill myself. He had a lovely grey sports car parked outside his surgery, I wanted to scratch my car keys down the side of it and then just tell HIM to be "mindful" about the damage.
> Denise
Hello Denise. You make some very compelling points.

I wonder, however, if the conclusion to which Gotzsche has come in relation to antidepressants was intended only to apply to the administration of such medications to patients with mild and situational syndromes? My (admittedly hazy) understanding of his project is that he is concerned to examine whether antidepressants (especially the SSRIs and their variations) are *over*-prescribed. I don't think it is absolutely clear that his conclusion applies to cases where antidepressants have been properly prescribed in light of evidence of serious and entrenched neuro-psychiatric conditions.

To the extent that his project can be so characterised, I think his sceptical mind and investigations are valuable and illuminating.




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