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Re: Ok so please read this, Lou you too please

Posted by bleauberry on July 6, 2015, at 11:40:54

In reply to Ok so please read this, Lou you too please, posted by Jeroen on June 27, 2015, at 12:50:28

I believe God is who He says He is in the Bible. I believe He loves each one of us as we love our own children. I believe His heart aches to see us suffer. I believe He wants us desperately to call out to Him for wisdom....which He promised He would freely give to all who ask....and within that wisdom are the roadmaps that get us better from our diseases, or give us some sort of peace and worth in living with them....all of which we cannot do for ourselves.

I believe the purpose of life is simply to walk with God, get to know God, and be with Him throughout the entire journey of being a made-of-dust earthly being. He wants us all to have the best experience. But most people keep God at arm's length or don't believe. Since God's people come to Him on purely a voluntary basis, we have to engage if we want Him.

That being said, He is aching for us to call on Him for every little thing we need! We should not be out trying to figure things out on our own, or relying on other humans to give it to us. We should be asking Him, daily, in the same way that we take in physical food each day, we also need His spirit with us everyday. When we ask Him all the time, daily, to fill us with His spirit and His wisdom....He knows our deepest thoughts and He will give us the info we need....whether it is a doctor's name, a medicine, a strategy, a way of life, whatever....He truly works in miraculous ways....answers do come to those who do not give up in asking.

We don't just eat a meal and then we are fine for the rest of the day, right? No. We need another meal. And a third one. And little ones inbetween.. It is the same with God....we need to continually refill His spirit....and it just requires asking.

Mino caused IBS because it knocked the balance of gut bacteria out of balance. Which was probably already way out of balance to begin with, didn't need much more to send it over the edge. All the medications, ya know?

Yogurt, Kefir, and/or probiotics taken on a daily basis can rebuild the gut flora and those symptoms go away.

I doubt you got IBS from such low doses and low time on Mino. It takes months and high doses to do that, and even then, will only happen to some people. You were on the right track I believe.

My personal opinion says a wheelchair, blindness, or cancer, are better than having a brain problem. Nothing is worse than depression, psychosis, or anxiety. I would take a wheelchair over them any day if I had to make a choice.

The guy you talked to didn't know what he was talking about.

God cured my Lyme disease. God does not walk around with a magic wand. So how did He do that? He pointed me to a magazine article....He pointed me to a stranger who happened to know a LLMD....He showed me a very low vitamin D lab test....He caused an MD to take a second look without me asking....He caused someone on Facebook to share an incredible piece of wisdom that was perfect for my treatment....He allowed lots of medicines and herbs to fail...that I would eventually get the message that was the wrong direction....I mean, every little tiny detail of 5 years, was Him. But I couldn't see it, any of it, until it had passed and I was looking back at it as history.

God heals for sure. He basically raised me from the dead. I think what confuses people is that He doesn't usually heal through miracles in modern day. He uses other humans and other things of the earth, intertwined into our lives at just the perfect time in the perfect places, custom just for us, super complicated, and when the dust settles, we realize it was not our own choice of medication that got us better, it wasn't the latest research we cherry picked as relevent, it was nothing we thought we was Him causing us to do what we did, Him causing us to choose what we did....without Him we make the wrong choices....

Those are my views and I hold them very strongly. No doubt.

Jereon, logic and reason say one thing for sure.....the only substances that have offered you a glimpse of hope were....antibiotics. End of story. You want to get better? He gave you that bit of wisdom. Ignore it if you want, but I think that is a mistake.

Someone can take this any way they want to, but it is true that my recovery from chronic major depression did not begin in earnest until I opened my arms to God and I told Him it was ok if He took the steering wheel out of my hands. I knew that meant that the journey was probably going to go in a different direction that would be unknown and scary, and since that turned out to be Lyme, it was indeed unknown and scary....but I kept saying yes to the steering wheel because I knew my own driving for 20 years had not gotten me very far.

Best wishes, hang in there, talk to you again soon!

ps. all that said, miracle healings to happen sometimes....a lifetime schizophrenic in my church was instantly healed one Sunday....quite startling....quite amazing....almost scary actually...but it journey was more in line with everyone else at pbabble.




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