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Lou's Little Shoppe- Kirkglen

Posted by Lou Pilder on June 23, 2015, at 17:38:29

In reply to Re: Lou's Little Shoppe-Christiandom's Jesus, posted by Kirkglen on June 23, 2015, at 10:29:06

> Lou I believe if you're doing well with the statements you make I think that is great. I pray everyday and thank my God someone has chosen a life of researching mental illness trying to help.
> Is it perfect? No but I know many individuals that respond well to their meds and live a good life. The reason I visit this post is for knowledge. I've learned so much from reading others problems and failures/successes using medicines.
> Who knows? Maybe the cure will be found here. The more heads you utilize the more knowledge exists.
> I'll continue my prays and utilize my medicine as I know what will result if I trash it.

You wrote,[...The more heads you utilize the more knowledge exists...].
The tragedy here is that the knowledge that I could post here is prohibited by Mr. Hsiung to me. It would come from a Jewish perspective that he prohibits me to post here. And worse, he allows antisemitic propaganda to be seen here as supportive and also statements that could decrease the respect and confidence and regard in which I am held that could induce hostile and disagreeable opinions and feeling toward me here. That could steer readers to a particular Road and cause readers to miss out on the Road that I could lead them to that I think could save lives and could lead to life and freedom from addiction and depression. And worse, this is all orchestrated by a psychiatrist that says that readers are to trust him in that what he does will in his thinking be good for this community as a whole. That is a powerful influence to readers here taking mind-altering drugs in collaboration with a psychiatrist/doctor. For it stigmatizes me and insults Judaism, The statement from Mr. Hsiung, [...please try and trust me...] is not new, but an old tactic that history has shown to have brought death and destruction to those that followed the leader that played that card. The trust card is also in the same hand as the Golden Rule card. As Mr. Hsiung leads readers to believe that he is following the golden Rule. But the fact is that anti-Semitic hate, including that Mr. Hsiung has posted the swastika here, is allowed to be seen as supportive because when it is seen that way, Mr. Hsiung says that he allows it because it will in his thinking be good for his community as a whole. Many before him used that tactic to justify infanticide, segregation, slavery, genocide and discrimination. Time was the judge for those in the past and time will be the judge here as to if Mr. Hsiung's vision of a {gooder} community is to result by allowing anti-Semitic hate to be seen as supportive here. I have been revealed otherwise and see that when hate is seen as being validated by a psychiatrist, those that trust him could have that hate turned inward and kill themselves or others, even commit mass-murder.




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