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Lou's Little Shoppe-Let there be light-drknes

Posted by Lou Pilder on June 19, 2015, at 9:46:31

In reply to Lou's Little Shoppe-Let there be light- Lamdage22, posted by Lou Pilder on June 19, 2015, at 5:45:23

> > How is it to be a jew, what do jews believe?
> >
> > Are you seriously telling me that the man can not post about his religion on this board?
> Lamdage22,
> It is much worse than that. For not only is the foundation of Judaism as revealed to me prohibited by Mr. Hsiung for me to post here, anti-Semitic hate is allowed to flourish with his use of this forum to allow anti-Semitic propaganda to be seen as supportive and civil here, all along with his vision that sometime in the future by him allowing anti-Semitic propaganda to be seen as supportive by him, that it will be good for his community as a whole to do so.
> The orchestration is accomplished by his use of his deputies of record and having members in concert with him that post anti-Semitic propaganda with impunity, and worse, that anti-Semitic hate is created and developed by him by the use of using discrimination in his administraion of his rules, which is an abuse of power, that could result IMHO in anti-Semitic violence perpetrated by readers here that see that a psychiatrist is claiming that by him allowing anti-Semitic propaganda to stand, that it will in his thinking be good for his community as a whole.
> This is nothing new, but an old tactic to arouse hatred toward the Jews that has resulted in millions of Jewish children being murdered and then when his own post here displays the swastika, there could be ratification of what a subset of readers could think as that he is ratifying the hatred toward the Jews that is allowed to be seen as supportive here by him. This IMHHHHHO could trigger a subset of readers here that take mind-altering drugs allowed to be promoted here to commit mass-murder against Jews and other minorities as hate crimes that they could think that they are doing good as Mr. Hsiung states that whatever he does, it is because in his thinking it will be good for his community as a whole so that others could think that racism or anti-Semitism will be good for their community as a whole also, for it is a powerful influence for a psychiatrist to post the swastika and refuse to delete it which could lead a subset of vulnerable readers to think that he is endorsing the swastika as to what it stands for.
> Here in [admin, 428781 ] we can see the start of him changing his rules to allow anti-Semitic hate to be seen without his tagline to be civil. But worse, his rules to me prevent me from posting my own repudiation to the anti-Semitic hate being allowed to be posted without his tagline to be civil. In fact, even more prohibitions were posted to me by Mr. Hsiung that prevents me from exposing the relationship between psychiatry and mass-murder. Please take a look at [ admin, 428781 ], for this is where darkness started to come over this forum to shut off the light.
> Lou

The darkness of hate can be facilitated in many ways, one being discrimination by the administration of a group that could induce what psychologists call a collective psychopathy which is how anti-Semitism is created and developed by the leaders of a group.
The discrimination here involves what is known as two standards, one for the group and one for the Jewish member, myself. The standard is that Mr. Hsiung and his deputies of record will respond according to his TOS to members sending a notification that a post could be against the rules, but could not respond to mine so that others will also not respond to me. Not only, does that allow anti-Semitic propaganda to stand, but it stigmatizes me as being inferior to the non-Jews here in that I can be discriminated upon with impunity by the deputies of record and Mr. Hsiung by the unequal application of his rules which deny me equal protection from the harm of discrimination and defamation and anti-Semitism. And worse, readers could act out in real world communities violence toward Jews and others also to lead a subset of psychopaths to commit mass-murder, for anti-Semitism is a form of racism that could be transferred to racist ideology to have not only Jews to be targets of hate, but other minorities as well. This could include those of non-white races, those with un popular sexual orientations, and anyone else that the hatred toward the Jews as being allowed to be seen as supportive here could be transferred to.
Psychologists write about that hate could also be transferred to themselves and cause suicide to those that are led to believe that Jews are inferior people, or anyone else is an inferior human being. And when mind-altering drugs are put into the person that sees anti-Semitism as being supportive here, the acting out of mass-murder gets a great boost from thinking that anti-Semitism will be good for any community as a whole. Many leaders have said that in the past and they were killed by their own populace when they saw through the deceit of hate, or they killed themselves or were executed as war criminals. When will they ever learn.
here is a post showing the discrimination against me that stigmatizes me as inferior as my notifications for years remain outstanding which allows the anti-Semitism to stand. For if they were acted on, then I could have the hate stopped here. By the deputies of record and Mr. Hsiung being indifferent to my pleas to stop the hate, anti-Semitism could be created and developed here with impunity, for even if another member notified the same post, in order for them to perpetuate the indifference, they could also not act on their notification to keep mine un acted on. This is nothing new, but an old way that perverts the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States and other countries where Jefferson wrote, [...We hold these truths self-evident that all men are created equal...]. And later in the Constitution the equal protection of the laws as to the 14th amendment.
Let us look at this post:




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