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Re: Is your psychiatrist a huge help? fido

Posted by brynb on February 22, 2015, at 21:53:52

In reply to Is your psychiatrist a huge help?, posted by fido on January 29, 2015, at 19:04:25

Hi fido-

I'm sorry you feel that way and admit to having felt like that w/ most of my docs. After literally years and years of trying to find the "right" psychiatrist, I'm finally seeing someone who is fine, perhaps even good. (We have a relationship now--as patient/doctor--and respect our roles, though it took some time.) I say "fine," because although I've dealt w/ depression for over 20 years, can identify my triggers, and know all of the "things" I'm supposed to do to stay healthy and avoid destructive patterns and self-sabotage, I haven't "perfected" remission yet, lol.

Where other psychs have given up on me, made me beyond angry and been flat out poor physicians, mine (who I've seen for a bit over three years now), is supportive, reminds me of my patterns, and continues to listen to me (I've pissed off many "professionals" because I either thought I was smarter than they were about my health, or because they were inpatient and inflexible).

Mental illness is such an individualized disease, and labelling patients is myopic and dangerous. We should, being educated about our afflictions, be able to have suggestions for medications.

One medication I'm prescribed is something I stumbled upon while taking it for something completely unrelated to depression. It's Tramadol, which is not a psych med but works on our largest neurotransmitter (glutamate). Tramadol (in combo with Lexapro and Ativan) has been an absolute life saver for me on so many levels. When I first began seeing my current pdoc, he had no problem with my taking Tramadol and understands its benefits. He was open to me taking it because of how much it helps me with pain and depression. Now, he's not exactly traditional or conservative (he does Ketamine treatments in his office), but when dealing with any mental illness, it's paramount to find a true professional who will listen to you and is willing to think outside of the box to help you. By the way, this med IS covered by my insurance.

I'm very thankful for this. Don't give up--it's like dating; keep going at it until you find the right one!


And knowing me f
> I feel like unless I know exactly what drug I want to try next I am pretty much lost. Cause then he will suggest something which comes to his mind and usually that's not really what I want.
> What also totally bothers me is that he never suggests or wants to try out drugs which are more experimental and not primarily used for depression but which have a positive record for depression.
> I have been to a few psychiatrists and none of them really sticks out. I guess it doesn't make sense to keep on searching. It sucks when you feel like you're on your own.
> One psychiatrist simply told me he has nothing left to offer to me even though I have not even tried all antidepressants! He never offered TCA or Moclobemide or real MAOI.
> I also don't even know how much knowledge my doctor has. If he doesn't have much theoretical knowledge then he also cannot come up with "out of the box" ideas.
> But if normal ADs don't work then what do you do?
> Giving up on drugs would mean feeling even more hopeless.

Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air. - Ralph Waldo Emerson




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