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Re: OCD Dont know where to go Bill82

Posted by phidippus on February 11, 2015, at 17:20:41

In reply to Re: OCD Dont know where to go, posted by Bill82 on February 11, 2015, at 16:37:06

> Yea one of my obsessions is that I will become bipolar or schizophrenic so I think about it a lot...idk just want my damn life back haha

How old are you? If you're under 30 it could happen. Now there's some ERP for ya.

> Yea I was looking at maybe a seritonin modulator instead since I get bad vocal tics on ssri.

Seritonin modulators don't work very well for OCD. Do you think these ticks might be psychosomatic?

> Pretty much erp I do is I just choose not to do a compulsion and put it off until I hopefully forget about it.

That isn't ERP. ERP deals with the obsessive thoughts you have.

> Well might be tmi, but I have primarily sexual obbsessions

I have intrusive thoughts about molesting children, mostly those children related to me.

>so rituals are replaying intrusive thought over and over on my mind until it feels right that I don't like it

This is not a ritual, but an obsession.

>dosnt sound too bad on paper but it has destroyed my life,

Writing down obsessions is usually ineffective as a therapy, however recording your thoughts on audio and playing them back to yourself is a method of ERP.

>unemployed havnt left my house in several months now.

How do you subsist?

>If I have a bad thought in shower or when I do my duty, I can get stuck doing same thing I was doing,(doing my male typical thing) which can last for at times up to 4 hours. I have scars from this sh*t it is just aweful.

Am I to understand you masturbate for hours on end? That's more like an addiction.

>Also last night I actually tried to see how caffeine would do and I had a cup of coffee which I normally don't drink.

Studies show caffeine lessens the symptoms of OCD, but you need doses as high as 200 mg.

> Feel guilty like I'm begining to accept them

This is a common sentiment among sufferers of OCD. Thing is, you're not accepting the thoughts-you're reducing their power to frighten you. You're never going to accept the thoughts, but you don't need to have so many and they don't need to rule you.

>I also feel like I'm always lying, so for example I feel like I am making something up when I wrote this to you and am stretching the facts and that I might not have ocd etc.

You tryuly are a Doubting Thomas. So what if you're lying?

> So part of me believes I have always had ocd

Some are born with OCD and others develop it, like me.

> As I have sexual based ocd one of the main things I worry about is I will become impotent or have my testosterone lowered, stupid I know but then again so is my brain haha.

If you want to try some ERP, when you have thoughts like those, agree with them. Tell yourself you will become impotent. Do things to purposefully become impotent-like stick your crotch against the microwave.

>do you notice when you first wake up in the morning, as in the first 5 minutes it's non existent?

Yes I do.

>Possibly upon arrousal certain hormones chemicals are used to create this process?

Not hormones. OCD is a neurochemical process.

>Maybe this is similar to how ocd works, In that you have a bad thought and it seems like the world is ending, you successfully delay thinking about it, 20 min later you look back and say ahh that was horse...

Ideally, you don't want to delay thinking about it. You don't want to suppress the thought. Enjoy the thought, I dare you.





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