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Lou's response/request-izwhtitiz Lamdage22

Posted by Lou Pilder on October 6, 2014, at 13:39:51 [reposted on October 14, 2014, at 19:45:38 | original URL]

In reply to Re: It's not spirituality, posted by Lamdage22 on October 6, 2014, at 11:04:02

> No, i was talking to Lou..
> His posts may lead to irresponsible discontinuation of meds. I know because i have been there.
> It shouldnt be taken lightly. The failure of my attempt to discontinue has lead to more antipsychotics than you can imagine to stop the psychosis. It was bad.
> And this may really end in someone getting hurt, whereas responsible attempts still leave room for going back up in the dosage.
> Telling people to tolerate psychosis is irresponsible.

You wrote,[...his posts may lead to irresponsible discontinuation of meds...]
What you have posted about me here could decrease the respect regard and confidence in which I am held and induce hostile and disagreeable feelings and opinions about me and arouse anti-Semitic feelings. This is because the posts that you say are in question are not specified. That could mean that *any* of my posts could be considered to be those in question. That could mean the posts by me that I am trying to stop Mr Hsiung and his deputies of record from being considered by readers to be supportive and will be good for this community as a whole that stand unsanctioned where they appear originally that could arouse anti-Semitic feelings and/or those posts that have defamation posted toward me. This could also mean posts where I offer educational material to help readers make a more informed decision as to take these drugs or not in that the education can show how the drug or combination of drugs could inflict a life-ruining condition or addiction or death.
In the aspect of my attempt to stop Mr Hsiung from allowing anti-Semitic statements to be seen as civil by him where they are originally posted, by those posts being able to be thought to be supportive, hate could fester in the minds of readers so that they could not overcome their affliction, for hate has been shown to induce hostility to the target persons so that murder and suicide could be a result of the hate being entertained as civil.
I have come to free readers from hate, and the hatred toward the Jews that is being allowed to be seen as civil here, could be thought by a subset of readers to be a contradiction of the mission of the forum which is for support and education via fairness and the Golden Rule as stated in Mr. Hsiung's TOS/FAQ. Those readers have a rational basis to think that for the Golden Rule as understood by Jews and others involves fairness and justice and equality via morality. And as long as my years of outstanding notifications can be seen by those readers, they could think that the Golden Rule is not being applied by Mr. Hsiung toward the anti-Semitic statements being allowed as civil, and then equality in the enforcement of his rules is questioned.
Mr. Hsiung states that he does what in his thinking will be good for this community as a whole. That could mean that his thinking overrules The Golden Rule, for that type of ancient thinking justified infanticide, slavery, genocide, discrimination , segregation and more. In that type of thinking there is no right or wrong, only what in his thinking will be good for this community as a whole. Then he does not have to follow or abide by his own rules. He can leave the anitsemitism and defamation toward me to be seen as civil, which could IMHO destroy all the support here because readers could think that hatred toward the Jews is supportive because Mr. Hsiung states that being supportive *takes precedence*. If hate takes precedence, how could anyone here overcome their affliction if they entertain in their minds that hate takes precedence?
Addiction can lead to suicide in withdrawal as I have posted and shown videos by doctors concerning this. I do have a way for those that want to be free from these drugs to overcome addiction. Yet today, I am prevented from posting that here due to the prohibitions to me here by Mr. Hsiung. It would come from a Jewish perspective as revealed to me which is prohibited for me to post here by him. But anti-Semitic propaganda can be posted here and be seen as supportive against my years of objections to Mr. Hsiung and his deputies of record.
It has been revealed to me as I stood on the Mountaintop and looked down at humanity to see two roads. And on one road there were many running to and fro on a very wide road. And I saw the end of the road as death. And all the time those people on that broad road were passing up a narrow road that leads to life, and few there were that found it. I have come here to show those that want off the broad road that leads to death, to find the narrow road that lead to life.
If you want to post the link to one of the posts that you say says what you say it says, then I could have the opportunity to post my response to you. And if you do not want to take this opportunity to post a link to one of those, then let readers know that what you posted about me is what it is.




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