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Lou's response-notdokz Phillipa

Posted by Lou Pilder on October 9, 2014, at 5:28:39

In reply to Re: Lou's response-brodroed Lou Pilder, posted by Phillipa on October 8, 2014, at 23:47:46

> Lou remember we are not doctors. Phillipa

You wrote for me to remember that I am not a doctor. I am aware of that. But if what I have posted to the poster here is considered by you to constitute being a doctor, be advised that what I have posted to that poster does not constitute being a doctor.
What I have posted to the poster is a warning to save that person's life and/or prevent a life-ruining condition or addiction. My warning tells of the potential for being in withdrawal from that drug to have suicidal ideation. That is what my concept of support and education is, and this site is for support and education.
One does not have to be a doctor to know of what the literature tells of these drugs and posters can post what could be helpful for another to know. The poster wants to know particular things about if the drug could cause TD and if removing the drug could reverse the movement disorder described. My post is to help that person understand the potential for death from that drug. And when the poster goes back to their prescriber, there could be a better understanding of the poster's situation and how to proceed from there. The prescriber could also then understand that by prescribing the drug, the poster's life may be ruined. Then the prescriber could have more understanding going forward in prescribing the drug to others.
The tragedy here is that Mr Hsiung has posted prohibitions to me that prevent me from showing how the poster could overcome the addiction and withdrawal that he/she could face from the drug. It would come from a Jewish perspective as revealed to me and since the prohibition to me is against the Jewish perspective as revealred to me, a subset of readers could think that the policy by Mr. Hsiung toward me is an anti-Semitic policy. Those readers could have a rational basis to think that if they know that Mr. Hsiung does allow the foundation of hatred toward the Jews in anti-Semitic propaganda being allowed to be seen here as civil and supportive and will be good in Mr Hsiung's thinking for the community as a whole, while the foundation of Judaism as revealed to me is prohibited by me to be posted here, and those readers could think that anti-Semitism is promulgated when a policy is a against Judaism. This is sometimes called {anti-Judaism}. Then if those readers know that Mr. Hsiung has a policy to offer members to use a feature to alert him of incivility, yet he gives himself the option to respond to my alerts, while saying that he will respond to others, as I am listed as the only exception by him, that policy could keep me from having him address the anti-Semitic statements and defamation against me here which could allow those to be seen as civil where they are originally posted. That could induce hostile and disagreeable feelings and opinions about me and stigmatize me to the readers here. This is because Mr. Hsiung says that by him refusing to honor his terms of service to me while he states that he will respond to notifications to others in relation to responding to my years of notifications, that he not responding to my notifications will be good for this community as a whole in his thinking. These readers could think that his policy is discriminatory against the Jews, for he can refuse to address anti-Semitic statements that I have alerted him to, and his thinking is that it will be good for this community as a whole to do so. I say not and I want readers that come here for support and education to know this so that they can be helped to have their lives saved, have life-ruining conditions avoided and be able to withdrawal from addicting drugs. Since I can not post what I need to due to the prohibitions, readers could be cheated out of knowing what could save their life from me. That could lead readers to think that support is not what this site really is for.




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