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phenobarbital - a drug still of good use

Posted by rjlockhart37 on September 27, 2014, at 18:50:40

i've read various websites about phenobarbital, i knew about because it was used once on me at a rehab withdrawing from temapzepam and alrazolam at high doses, i was prescribed 2mg xanax 3times a day with temapepam at night, it was during high school the the emotionally disturbing time of my life, having panic attacks, not fitting in, or mainly outsider and didnt have any support from friends, and the only thing doctor saw in that situation was benzo therapy....which benzo theapy for panic attacks, and emotional disorders....but i was checked in was weaned off the xanax/restoril combintation, and they put on pheno for 5 days, then slowly decreased that dose too....but it is a good drug for the nerves, i have to say to doctors, it's much of a drug to abuse because it makes who ever takes it lose cordination, and stumble simmilar to alcohol, but it's euphoria properties are not much, just a sedated, sometimes a bit feel spaced out, it doesnt give that comfort feeling xanax, ativan give, the relief feeling, taking it at night is a good option, then it lasts in the system a while, it took it at night in the rehab only about 5-7 days, and went off....but the anxiety the day was gone, but .... it also made gave kinda of sluggish feeling, sedated but not much euphoria, and that's why im saying it could still be used in the treatment for anxiety, because barbiturates are widely known for their effect to cause euphoria, a rush of numbness, usally barbs make you want to sleep, benzos just calmm the nerve, both sedate, but barbs make you sleepy.... but at low doses of pheno, it can be a good option for anxiety treatment, just ... watch out for the people who like to pop pills, but believe me, pheno is not euphoric much, sedation is all it usally gives, and if someone pops pheno over again, it's just gonna make them stumble, the euphoria is not much, and for someone reason when i took it it caused me to want to move my legs, hyperactivty because the slow feeling made me want to move something to get some stimultion going....shake my foot, anything....i read that it does that with elderly people... and makes a zombie or sluggish.....

so....really it can still be used, needs to noted for it's anxiety relief, only thing is it's sedation sometimes can impair certain motor tasks....but anything below 100mg is good treatment for anxiety....if benzos are not a good option, and like i said, it's not vary euphoric much, more like a drunk whos depressed....not pleasant feeling

hope thats noted, it is still a good medication that has been kinda of outdated.....


not a scholar but understand distress.....
"unheard pain, is the told through good company"




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