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Psych meds that DONT cause weight gain?

Posted by LostBoyinNC45 on August 23, 2014, at 16:23:43

Having recently been referred into a medically supervised weight loss program and been approved for gastric bypass surgery. And after having suffered from numerous physical chronic diseases that are cardio or pulmonary...some of which negatively affect my mind and my thinking (sleep apnea), I have come to a conclusion. It is important for me to emphasize to my Pdoc to prescribe psych meds that DONT cause weight gain!

I realize that can be a hard thing to accomplish, as the majority of these psych meds cause weight gain. Some cause it severely, as many of you already know.

I have at some point in the past taken most of the psych meds, especially modern class ones, so I (unfortunately), have personal experience with this.

Here is my list of psych meds that in my experiences at least, did not cause weight gain:

anti-depressants- Zoloft, Prozac, Wellbutrin, MAOI Parnate

stimulants-Ritalin, caffeine, Provigil

anti-psychotics-Geodon was the only one Ive taken that does not cause weight gain, but I took it at lower doses and not for a long period once, as an "augmenting" drug for my AD. Pretty much all of the antipsychotics cause bad weight gain that I have either taken or am aware of.

mood stabilizers-topomax

benzos-klonopin and xanax, both of which Ive been prescribed neither I ever have noticed any weight gain from

Psych meds Ive been prescribed at some time in the past that CAUSED weight gain:

Anti-depressants-Paxil...paxil causes pretty severe weight gain in my experience although it is a pretty effective SSRI for the mood part, Remeron...bad weight gain although again very effective anti-depressant...for me among the best for mood and few side effects besides BAD weight gain,

mood stabilizers-depakote...have taken the stuff in the past and is among the worst drug Ive ever taken for weight gain although VERY effective for headache prevention, lithium...for augmentation of my anti-depressant, Neurontin...about as severe weight gain as depakote in my experiences

anti-psychotics--all except Geodon, Ive only taken them in low doses and none for more than a two month period. But I found low dose risperdal to cause weight gain, zyprexa has a bad rep for weight gain as does clozaril although clozaril is considered very effective for its intended purposes

Stimulants-none that Ive ever been prescribed caused weight gain

hypnotics-ambien causes weight gain in me

Read the list and add in any opinions. One anti-depressant I never have taken but strongly suspect would not cause weight gain is the EMSAM patch, its so speedy and its similar to Parnate. Also, does lamictal cause weight gain? And anybody know of any of the newer atypical APs that dont cause the weight gain atypical APs are notorious for???


Eric AKA "LostBoyinNC"




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