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Been Seeking Adult ADHD 20mnths. Success! One prob

Posted by dixieland on May 20, 2014, at 16:59:32

I do not have a family doctor. I generally go to clinics and today I went to seek treatment for a cough I've been having that was diagnosed as allergic. Normally I've never had to fill out "what meds are you taking" but I went ahead and put every single med the PDOC I've been seeing for about 20 months has put be on for a rather hard to treat case of adult ADHD only.

Never been much of a depression guy or anything but I have a bad sort of focus at this office job I have now since I got promoted from a blue collar position and I have a little bit of stress from it. Work pays for my visits to this man a 2 hour round trip away. All I know is that it's free and it would be a $280 bill each time otherwise.

Now this doctor is complaining about my meds and work was already complaining about them since they pay to fill every single one that this doctor has put me on. This general doctor says I'm on too many; do you guys think this is true? The doctor I go to says it is normal for many of his patients to be on the number of meds I'm on and looking on this board it seems to be true.

I trust this top-of-the-field doctor over this general doctor I found in the phonebook but I want the opinions on safety or if I should cut or do anything. this is what I take and I'm very very happy with it. Doctor says while it is a lot there aren't any interactions there are worrisome.

Doctor calls these "Maintenance Remedies" :

Straterra 100 mg
Namenda XR 28 mg
Fetzima 120 mg
Aptiom 800 mg

Doctor Calls these "Dopamine" Remedies since I have a dopamine problem:

Daytrana 15 mg (1.6mg/hr)
Focalin 7.5 mg
Focalin XR 15 mg X 2
Nuvigil 50 mg X 3
Mirapex ER 3.75 mg

Stress Remedies:

Lyrica 150 mg X 3
Klonopin Wafers 1 mg X 3
Intuniv 3 mg

Example Work-day Drug Schedule my doctor made that I try to stick with:

7:45 A.M.:
Fetzima 120 mg
Mirapex ER 3.75 mg
Daytrana 15mg
Focalin XR 15 mg
Focalin 7.5 mg
Nuvigil 50mg. X 1
Lyrica 150mg.

8:30 A.M.:
Klonopin 1mg under tongue until I'm in car driving

1:45 P.M.:
Focalin XR 15 mg
Nuvigil 50 mg X 2 to beat that 2 o' clock groggy feeling
Klonopin 1mg
Lyrica 150 mg

8:15 P.M.:
Lyrica 150 mg takes longer to kick in

10:00 P.M.:
Klonopin 1 mg
Namenda XR 28 mg
Aptiom 800 mg
Intuniv 3 mg
Straterra 100 mg

Straterra 100 mg -- seems to do more for my focus than the focalin does but the focalin is more important somehow

Namenda XR 28 mg -- not sure what this does for me to be honest but I feel sharper and doctor says I may not get used to the Focalin as fast as it seems I need a lot of it

Fetzima 120 mg -- while I said I wasn't a depressed type of person, this has bettered my mood, not sure about ADHD, but I want to keep it for positive mood effect. thanks, doc.

Aptiom 800 mg -- same thing, better mood, more calm, I guess I would say more focused on this. good medicine.

Daytrana 15 mg (1.6mg/hr) -- beats the pills out, really smooth than just relying on XR pills, big fan, like it better than the Vyvanse we tried first

Focalin 7.5 mg -- this is to kickstart the morning. my doctor says the daytrana patch and the XR pill need to get in my system but this puts it in my system at once to get me ready for the day

Focalin XR 15 mg X 2 -- needed

Nuvigil 50 mg X 3 -- helps with that after lunch tiredness and the one in the morning helps me wake up a bit too. big fan

Mirapex ER 3.75 mg -- subtle is all I can say. I could give it up. I think I noticed an improvement however, seems to go good with the fetzima with synergy

Lyrica 150 mg X 3 -- at first, it was too euphoric perhaps, now it smooths out my day and has brightened my outlook on life. sometimes i think that people that get antidepressants should just get this stuff. prefer it to klonopin for stress but takes awhile to kick in and not as noticeable, also seems to cause some cognitive dulling.

Klonopin Wafers 1 mg X 3 -- no longer let little things bother me, not edgy, easygoing attitude has made an inspirational leader at work, little development of tolerance, ensures great sleep. vital.

Intuniv 3 mg -- synergistic with focalin for blood pressure concerns and I think it may teeny-tiny contribute to relief of ADHD symptoms

I rate my medicine "cocktail", wow can't believe Im useing this word, a 10/10 and my doctor a 10/10. I have made tremendous life changes with these medicines. I'd say my life was a 5.6/10 before medicine and now it is a 8.4/10.

Psychiatric medicine is astonishing I had no idea it cold do so much.

Is my doctor right in the fact that there aren't any rough interactions and my other doctor wrong however and how long can I keep this up? Is this normal?

thanks for replies to my long winded comment I just have so much to learn

do you think I have the right doctor? as in my treatment is proper?




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