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Re: T3, Rilutek, Xyrem or Brintillex

Posted by bleauberry on February 12, 2014, at 6:35:18

In reply to T3, Rilutek, Xyrem or Brintillex, posted by Lamdage22 on February 11, 2014, at 11:53:13

I don't know, I sort of like the looks of T3. That's simply because it is so often messed up...and sometimes not obvious on so many common chronic diseases, which all happen to have schizo-anxious-depressive stuff as common symptoms.

The problem with that is that it would be like attempting to fix a car that has a bunch of different issues by just doing an oil change. Sort of. Because in most of the common chronic illnesses that have difficult psychiatric issues as primary symptoms, and in most diseases actually, there are usually multi systemic physiological issues going on that all need to be addressed. It is often a guessing game, as it would be with the T3 or the other meds.

Issues to look at going forward:
Chronic systemic inflammation....testable by trying several anti-inflammation anti-disease herbs to see what happens.
Chronic systemic infection....not reliably tested by labs, mostly a clinical suspicion based on symptoms and history....for example, what else besides your psych symptoms is going on?.....fatigue, weakness, sleep issues, joint pains, muscle pains, bone pains, pains that migrate, pains that come and go, unexplained rashes or spots, headaches, migraines, all psych symptoms, vision issues, cloudy thinking, brain fog, memory problems....the whole picture can offer strong clues to point in areas of suspicion for testing or treatment. Luckily, there are herbs that deal with all spectrums of infection, viral, bacterial, parasitic, intracellular, fungal. Your reaction to trials of them offers strong diagnostic clues.
Chronic toxin accumulation....genetics or disease can result in poor excretion of trace amounts of environmental toxins, which leads to toxin overload years or decades later, and then can look like just about any disease, with the common denominator being psychiatric. This is easily tested by labs, DMSA 6 hour urine challenge. I would bet money that more than half, maybe as much as 80%, longterm psych patients have elevated levels of heavy metals in their fat tissues and brain. imo. I don't just pull those numbers out of mid air for no reason, they are based on clinical findings.

I mention all this because while I think your efforts on choosing meds to help improve your quality of life is a good thing, the road is basically a dead end unless steps are taken to try to focus on the primary areas of common disease. That's because they mostly come with psych symptoms that are hard to treat, and that when the actual problem is suppressed, most or all of those bizarre longterm psych problems magically drift away all by themselves over time.

I was stuck in the mode of choosing my next best greatest med for about 15 years. There were some good moments and a lot of unsatisfactory times. But mostly it was a real hard fight that eventually leads nowhere....the road usually goes something like this.....poopout, med change, poopout, med change, repeat, repeat, repeat. I have seen a few people go 10 years or more with good results on a single med....prozac, zoloft, or nardil....but that is not common. In my opinion, the hidden underlying disease condition eventually overwhelms anything the meds can do.

Obviously a good MD who knows all this sort of stuff would be very helpful. They are out there, but few, hard to find. I like the ones that play the role of medical detective.

Anyway, T3 is always suspect in many common chronic disease, so that one makes sense to me. It would be the only thing in your cocktail that represents disease suppression rather than just symptom resolution.




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