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Re: Potential Root Cause of Depression Discovered

Posted by bleauberry on February 3, 2014, at 6:58:58

In reply to Re: Potential Root Cause of Depression Discovered, posted by SLS on February 1, 2014, at 22:21:55

I do not believe there is any other root cause of depression than what happened in the garden of eden. That was the moment this disease/syndrome was born, along with its maze of intertwined tentacles of causes of depression. There are so many actual biological causes.

Acetycholine? Ok. I would guess it is out of balance with a few patients, a minority likely. Anything's possible. I remember a couple people here that basically ended their decades of suffering when they landed some acetycholine strategies/herbs rather than the usual serotonin/ne/da strategies.

But we've seen this happen with all of the different mood chemicals. Each person has a unique physiological issue, I believe. It could be any of them.

So that represents a lot of causes of depression right there. But that's just for starters, right? Because then I can't help but wonder, why was the particular brain chemical "out of balance"? It didn't just do that for no reason. So whatever that reason is, is the actual cause of the depression, not the resulting chemical imbalance. That's how I look at it anyway.

The list of causes is endless. And I think it just isn't as simple as we try to see it, everything is interconnected, we cannot impact one chemical without indirectly impacting the others as well. Of all the various causes of depression that I am aware of, the majority or all of them fall into one or all of these broad categories: chronic stealth infection, lyme common; trace toxin accumulation; inflammation. The results of these insults include everything from a to z....thyroid, adrenal, the entire hpa axis, serotonin contamination, dopamine contamination, receptor disfunction, on and on.

I wish Western medicine was more up to speed with much of the rest of the world in terms of medicines provided to us by the earth's plants. In my journeys I have come to know a few dozen botanical medicines that pretty much suppress or eliminate all three of the above categories simultaneously, usually taken in combos of 3 to 5 synergistic herbs. I've seen this work pretty well almost every time it is tried. The game is the same as meds though. They are meds. From plants. Experimentation and educated guesses are required to find which substances help each individual person the most.

Anyway, I think the causes of depression are vast, but that their biological root cause is...barring a born genetic flaw or traumatic brain injury....a result of impact from infection, toxins, inflammation.

I will never forget. A Lyme specialist MD told me that in their experience, depression is more often lyme than people think. They told me that some of their patients come to them with depression as the only symptom, no other obvious lyme-like symptoms. Those patients already had a fairly long history in psychiatry. They basically got their lives back with antibiotics.

But who knows.




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