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My meds are working

Posted by doxogenic boy on September 7, 2013, at 15:18:16

Hello to all of you!

Its a long time since last I was here, but I found it helpful to read og post here.

I am now going to tell a success story about a cocktail with high dose tianeptine (Stablon) treatment.

In 2009, I told my medication history 1994 2009, 54 medications here:

From around August 2004, I had severe anxiety and was suicidally depressed all the time for more than five years. It was the worst five years of my life, and I was convinced I would never be better again.

The turning point came October 25, 2009, when the tianeptine dose was increased to 4 tablets 6 times a day 300 mg daily

At that time I also used:
quetiapine Seroquel: 200 mg morning + 100 mg at noon + 100 mg afternoon + 200 mg evening (600 mg a day)
escitalopram Cipralex: 40 mg in the morning
liothyronine - L-isomer of triiodothyronine (T3) Liothyronin: 10 micrograms in the morning
trimipramine Surmontil: 100 mg evening
lithium Lithionit: 21 mg Li+ morning
clonazepam Rivotril: 1 mg at bedtime (My condition became better when I discontinued the clonazepam)

I felt calm and euthymic one hour after a 4 tablets/50 mg dose of tianeptine, so when taking it 6 times a day in about two hour intervals, I thought that effect could continue, and it did! My psychiatrist was happy that we finally found something that worked. The low-dose lithium was discontinued in November 2009.

I started with 25 mg agomelatine (Valdoxan) in March 2010 and increased to 50 mg April 2010. This did also improve my mood.

But there were some problems remaining: Mostly low energy. I thought this was due to the depression, but 25 July, 2011, I tried for the first time to take the whole 600 mg quetiapine dose at bedtime. I felt much better at daytime after that.

It was a big mistake to take quetiapine in four daily doses (starting with 200 mg in the morning) for all those years it made me sedated at daytime.

My medication is now:

tianeptine: 4 tablets 6 times a day, first dose in the morning 300 mg daily (1 tablet is 12,5 mg)
escitalopram: 40 mg in the morning
liothyronine: 20 micrograms in the morning
trimipramine: 100 mg in the evening, a few hours before I go to bed
agomelatine 50 mg in the evening, a few hours before I go to bed
quetiapine: 600 mg at bedtime

Before I started high dose treatment with tianeptine, my medication always stopped working after some time the longest good period was with citalopram (Cipramil) from 1996 to 1998.

Now have I been using the same daily doses of tianeptine, quetiapine, escitalopram and trimipramine successfully for nearly four years, agomelatine 50 mg since April 2010, and liothyronine 20 micrograms since July 2011 all those six meds with no tolerance build up.

And the strangest thing: I experience few side effects. Could it be that one medication work against the side effects of another in this cocktail?

[I started escitalopram, trimipramine and quetiapine in 2006, liothyronine 2007, tianeptine in 2008 and agomelatine in 2010. I have also had earlier trials of escitalopram and normal dose tianeptine]

Are there any of you that have used the SSRI/tianeptine combination?

See this post with a quote of a german case report where the patient is using first three psychotropic drugs, one of them an SSRI, and later successfully adding tianeptine:

I think it is important to start with an SSRI first and then add tianeptine later. If you are starting with tianeptine and thereafter add an SSRI, this can happen:
Paroxetine augmentation to tianeptine treatment causes exacerbation of depressive symptoms: presentation of two cases

I hope my cocktail will continue to work for me for many years to come, preferably for the rest of my life. To not making this post too long, I havent brought all the details, but feel free to ask questions. :)

- doxogenic




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