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Re: Remeron and Zoloft for MDD, my 13 yo daughter europerep

Posted by LAURAH952 on June 23, 2013, at 22:32:13

In reply to Re: Remeron and Zoloft for MDD, my 13 yo daughter laurah952, posted by europerep on June 23, 2013, at 17:19:56

OH MY GOD!!! I'm so new at this; what Lou Pilder went on about has me hysterically in tears, and more scared to death than ever before!!! Thank you so much for shedding light on that!!!!

I was only recently diagnosed with bi-polar II based mostly on my rapid speech and insomnia. Not a single med has made a difference, and I don't have mood swings - just feeling ok to depressed at times. Still, I will be asking Taylor's psychiatrists about it.

Taylor was an inpatient for 10 days, and her diagnosis was MDD. The meds (zoloft and seroquel) were started at that time. She showed some improvement and was finally sleeping.

She really showed great improvement a few weeks after her out-patient pdoc increased her zoloft, and decreased her seroquel. (100mg, and 200mg respectively) She then lowered the seroquel to 100mg and she was even better, as she was less tired during the day.

She went from laying in bed all weekend, crying at school, not seeing friends, cutting herself, and completely obsessed with thoughts of suicide to going out with friends, enjoying herself, and only having brief moments of suicidal thoughts with minor ups and downs. (still not good enough)

Taylor wanted to get off the Seroquel 100mg completely (daytime fatigue), and her pdoc tapered the med 25mg every 4 days until she was on 25mg. During this time, her mood swings were raging, and she started cutting again. I think it was done too quickly for her. A consulting pdoc (her pdoc was out of town) suggested going back to 50mg Seroquel, and a few days after that, her mood swings subsided considerably. She saw her pdoc when she came back a few days later, and that's when she decided on the Remeron. Taylor has insomnia, so I think that's why she chose Remeron. (I wish I was at that appt. - my husband went)

Taylor wants off Seroquel, and always has - we have a child psychologist in the family who says a child shouldn't be on it for a lengthy time. We also have a "neuro psychologist" who also hates Seroquel for an extended med (and who is wary of Remeron/Zoloft combo until she researches it further) These people have voiced their opinions where Taylor could hear, so naturally, she's scared to take it.

I need to talk to her psychiatrist again, with my questions in hand. Her therapist works with CBT if that makes sense, and Taylor really opens up to her.

I also set up an appt. to have her see my Nurse Practitioner who's been maintaining my psych meds - for an intake and to see their child pdoc who's there twice a month, which is the best I can find with this new insurance. I'm thinking about cancelling that appointment, but perhaps I shouldn't.

Should Taylor start on Remeron, I will watch her like a hawk; I researched what to look for. Thanks for that info..

If it were up to Taylor, she'd be only on the zoloft, and I may ask if it's not a bad idea....

Thank you so much once again!




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