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Re: Clicking the Amygdala?!?!? Neil Slade

Posted by ADecker on February 6, 2013, at 20:26:02

In reply to Re: Clicking the Amygdala?!?!?, posted by Neil Slade on February 6, 2013, at 18:03:55

> I'm probably best qualified to answer the question of the usefulness of the STW I and II, via first hand-experience, and also from the feedback I've gotten from readers over the past 15 years. And my site visitors number in the millions.
> Bear in mind, I worked with Lingo for the last decade of his life. I never cared much at all for the STW II, and I've never heard from anyone that's looked at it that they found it useful- and I don't include the two people who have re-published the book online with the fake copyright.
> Among other things, in the STW II, Lingo provides methods for self-therapy. Any piece of this book might be useful to someone, but the overall impression of the book is just too overwhelming.
> Add to that, Lingo's very idiosyncratic style of writing, which even I find quite vulgar and offensive in many places, is enough to turn off most readers. There's just too much weird stuff in there that steals attention to what should be the meat and potatoes of the work.
> Self-therapy shouldn't be that complicated.
> On the other hand, I've heard from a good number of people that they enjoyed the much more accessible STW I, and it was the standard text for Lingo's brain lab experience courses and in-town courses from 1980-1993. It contains the basic self-therapy information, and keeps it direct, simple, and to the point.
> In both books, the crux is Lingo's "Self-Trauma Drama", which is a playback and reprogramming of traumatic memories, first repressed, then remembered, then "corrected". One can see this process as it occurs in the YouTube Lingo documentary.
> After examining, teaching, and performing this technique- (and my history with it goes back to 1982) I honestly can't say that I believe that the Self-Trauma Drama is any kind of panacea, as Lingo claimed. I think it can be a useful tool if one chooses to use it, but I hardly believe it is necessary or even a preferred method of self-therapy. I think it CAN work for some, but I also think it may be of little or no use for people. It seems to be a matter of an individual deciding if it works or not. Try it, do it, or discard it. I don't embrace it with any kind of fervor any longer.
> What I DO like about Lingo's writing, is hard to define. Some rudimentary perspectives and attitudes about life come through- playfulness, questioning authority, self-determination- and this I like.
> When reading Lingo, one has to bear in mind the period of time he wrote this material- started during the heyday of Flower Power and bucking the establishment. So, if you can get past the dated language, the Lingo vulgarities, and appreciate the core sentiment and wisdom, it may offer something.
> NS

Groovy. Heh heh! I've been seeking since the flower power days meself, and I've picked up on just what you're saying -
"Some rudimentary perspectives and attitudes about life come through- playfulness, questioning authority, self-determination- and this I like." - Yeah, this I like too. Not too sure about putting a bucket on my head and shouting, "Me, me, me!" though.

Someone in this thread mentioned that "amygdala clicking" worked for them, and compared it to meditation in that the method may work in spite of the context. This I know first hand regarding Transcendental Meditation, so I'm wondering is amygdala clicking covered in - I'm assuming the Workbook I downloaded, including copyright stuff from you-know-who is the second one you mention - Workbook II? If not, where can I learn that? Amygdala clicking, I mean. I haven't been to your website yet. Would I find that there?

And thanks, Mr. Slade for your prompt and thoughtful reply to my inquiry.

~ ADecker




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