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Lou's response-ahtlst

Posted by Lou Pilder on October 8, 2012, at 20:50:28

In reply to Lou's response-lazpoez Phil, posted by Lou Pilder on October 8, 2012, at 17:07:25

> > Lately when I come here I might get lucky getting one person to respond. If you do have something to add please do. I'm not here much anymore but I've been here since very close to the beginning but it doesn't mean that I don't need help. Even commiserating, you know?
> > _________________________________-
> >
> > I've said once that I'm on disability. There is no insurance I can afford period.
> > So I told my doc that I had to get off of Seroquel 300mg a day, $550. And Vyvanse, around $330 (I love Vyvanse.) Vyvanse is basically no help on price and Seroquel gives you a $75 coupon.
> > He switched me to Adderall XR generic and said if I want to go to IR Seroquel I could get it from Canada..sigh. I said did doc, I have this weird Pisa Syndrome from antipsychotics and I weigh 250 pounds and climbing. My normal weight used to be around 195.
> > Without side effects I liked Seroquel but you get serious side effects and y'all know that. If a shrink sees good improvement on a med it's like they don't acknowledge that your *ss is twice the size than it used to be.
> > Then I get a physical and it's the other way around.
> > Sorry this is long, there is a question buried in there.
> > One other thing that everybody here knows. They are passing out Seroquel like jelly beans..I think their sales are like 50 mil or bil.
> > On the net I see people say my doc has me on Seroquel, a sleeping pill. oye Yes you'll sleep but you're taking an antipsychotic and you need to know that. One guy said, I'm taking Xanax, an antidepressant. I said you're taking a benzodiazepine and when you try to stop it you'll know.
> >
> > Sorry I'm very frustrated and my mood is dropping along with my Seroquel dose. I can't afford depression when it's so hard to keep the faith on disability. Am I concerned? No, I'm scared.
> >
> Phil,
> You wrote,[...please respond...I'm scared...].
> Phil,
> You can ask all the posters on the psych-med boards for their advise. You can go to the doc and ask for more drugs that could end your life. But just remember whose life those drugs are gonna be, so Phillip, save the last post for me.
> Lou

You wrote[...If you have something to add please do....I had to get off the Seroquel...]
There are two ways that I know of to overcome depression/addiction. One by {human acheivement}, the other by {divine accomplishment}. I do not know of anyone that has been healed of depression/ addiction by human acheivement by taking psychotropic drugs. Now I am talking about healing from years of druggin'. As I see in your case, members here could just keep on telling you to take more drugs. Others could tell you to use Mr. Beck's therapy or such. But I say to you, that today you could go on a new road, and sing a new song. A song of life. This song comes from one having a new heart a new spirit, a new life. A life free from pain, free from crying, free from slavery, free from death. A life of peace and joy.
If you want to go on a new road, a road that leads to freedom and life and life more abundantly, now is a time to make that decision. Do you want more drugs that could lead to death? In the new road there is healing. This healing is of the spirit. And when the spirit of man is healed, then the mind can be healed. And truth could be revealed and when you know the truth, you are made free from the lies of the world that shackle people in slavery and depression and addiction. And when the chains of depression/addiction are unlocked, you could go out in joy and sing, "Free at last free at last. Thank God almighty I am free at last."




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