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Lou's reply-wenwilitevrehn? schleprock

Posted by Lou Pilder on October 4, 2012, at 21:31:05

In reply to Re: Lou's response-thedyzofknowah, posted by schleprock on October 4, 2012, at 21:16:12

> > > i rerember this poster back about 5 years ago...funny...
> > >
> > > alot of posters have left...
> > >
> > > rj,
> > A lot of posters have left, indeed. The member that you are wanting info on I think has died as I remeber a name that could have been "slinky" as one that could have died from the drugs. You could do a search to see if this is correct.
> > But be it as it may be, there are a lot of missing members. Where have all the members gone?
> > You see, death could be a result here because members are alllowed to tell others to take particular drugs that could kill them by themselves and in paerticular when they are combined with other drugs. I have computed that there will be many members here to die soon, for a hard rain is gonna to fall. This computation by me is too difficult for me to expalin here but those that know advanced probability snd statistics could know. It reminds me of the days of Noah, for there were scoffers to Noah about his warning of a great deluge. The people mocked and taunted Noah while he was building an ark to rise with the flooding waters that he predicted to come. And when the rains came, and the fountains of the deep opened and the waters raised the ark, the people that scoffed a Noah tried to get in the door of the ark. But it is written in the scriptures that the Jews use that the God that he Jews give service and worship to shut the door. Noah did not shut the door.
> > Many will come in Noah's name to warn of the hard rain that is gonna fall. And many will scoff and ridicule them like they did to Noah. And there wil be a time when the door will be shut.
> > And then there was one riding on a donkey. And he was ridiculed and mocked also. And He said," Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand."
> > Lou
> >
> > schleprock,
I remember something about that "slinky" killed herself. She was taking mind-altering drugs that are now admitted by the FDA to induce a mind-altered state in the one taking the drug to be compelled to kill themselves. This happens also in withdrawal from the drugs, as one could be in such a horrific state of mind, they think that they will never come out of it and then kill themselves.
I have come to save lives here, not to drug people. I came to reveal the truth that has been revealed to me so people could lead a free and natural life free from depression and addiction.
But what I need to post is prohibited to me by Mr Hsiung. And support takes precedence. So is it not logical for some to think that support is equated with death here? And if one looks at the adminn board to see all the outstanding requests from me to Mr Hsiung that are concernng statements that could arouse antisemitic feelings being allowed to stand, and that he states that he does what will be good for this community as a whole, could not it be seen as logical for some to think that antisemitism will be good for this community as a whole so that a Jew here could be mocked and ridiculed , along with death? Where have all the posters gone? When will it ever end?
> >
> ^^You just can't make this stuff up.




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