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Re: is a GABA antagonist what i need?

Posted by poser938 on September 12, 2012, at 19:58:21

In reply to Re: is a GABA antagonist what i need?, posted by linkadge on September 12, 2012, at 18:42:27

my main problem was caused by medicines and the longterm effects they often have on me. before i ever tried any med i went through 17 years of my life being a pretty normal person that could relate well to others. then i decided to try antidepressants in the summer 0f 2005 and i have not been nearly the same since. my world is so different now than i ever could have imagined it to be.

it is a long story and might be a bit confusing if i really try to explain it but Adderall, Effexor and Mirapex are the meds that had the worst effects on me. Adderall was iincluded in my 1st set of meds prescribed by a psychiatrist and i didnt know it was the one that had the worst effect on me until later. i was on Geodon and Cymbalta. in the beginning of taking these meds i felt great (because of adderall) but the one day the Adderall had completely stopped working. i tried 40mgs of adderall to see if id get an effect and still nothing at all. then i noticed i was feeling very bad and couldnt stay in school a whole day anymore. i stopped all the meds and even a year later this very bad mood persisted.

i went back to the psychiatrist and tried a few meds. i tried Adderall again to see if it would work and still nothing from it. i also tried Zoloft, then Wellbutrin and then Effexor. on 75mgs of effexor it seemed to be effecting my mood on a deeper level than the other meds but wasnt sure if it was bad or good so the dose was raised to 150mgs. after a few days on this my hair started falling out, my mood started seeming like it was effected by foods i ate more and muscles in my face started tensing up on their own and it was painful.. but i still continued this med to see what would happen.

after 2 weeks i woke up one morning and my emotions were gone. i stopped taking it, read about cyproheptadine reversing effects of antidepressants and tried it. after being on it for a few weeks my emotions all the sudden turned on but were oonly about 75% there. i also noticed my hair was falling out even more and foods were still strongly effecting my emotions.

i once again stopped all meds and hoped my brain/emotions would go back to normal.

after 2 years i didnt make much progress. decided to try Mirapex. during the 1st few weeks it only made me more sensitive to "stimulation" with no effect on my mood and then after than my ability to feel pleasure was drastically decreased. i didnt know what happened but then i ordered Tianeptine and after 10 days my problem was made even worse. then i tried Ritalin, i felt a goood amount of stimulation for about 2 hours on my 1st dose but was then made worse after it wore off.

then i remembered the last med to have any good effect on me was Cyproheptadine. started taking it again and after 2 or 3 days i realized it was helping :) it was different this time though. it was helping but MUCH slower than the 1st time i was on it. i was on it for about 6 months and got to a very high dose on it because after about 3 days on a certain dose it would stop helping. but my emotions and pleasure feelings were getting better and better and better.

then i got to too high a dose and had to stop. that was about 2 years ago and have had the effects go away slowly. i am now almost back to how i was before i started it and i am sure had i taken it until my brain was back to how it was before i took Mirapex, it would have stayed like that.

since them i have tried a few antipsychotics. Low Dose Amisulpride, Saphris, Latuda, Seroquel and Fenapt and . i tried Buspar, rTMS and nasal Ketamine. and also Lamictal. then last month i tried Adderall with Fenapt to maybe block off my dopamine autoreceptors to try to keep any dopamiine release from being depleted while taking it with Adderall.. and i had a slight norepinephrine effect on the 1st day but nothing after that.

now, I'm going to take Gabapentin tonight at 800mgs.




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