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Re: eric... phidippus

Posted by rjlockhart37 on September 10, 2012, at 20:06:55

In reply to Re: eric..., posted by phidippus on September 9, 2012, at 15:25:51

"thoughts that torment"

Do you experience bad thoughts that you can't get out of your head? That's OCD.

-- yea...its definely ocd...because its constant and bothers me to a point where it interferes with mind peace...i checked myself into a psych hospital because my mind started thinking there was this spirit called the trickster and he would jump into other people and I couldnt get away from him...when I got into the psych unit...he was in the doctors because of the smirks of facial change....i know its crazy....something just can't be explained without a disorder labeled for it.

I don't think you have a thought disorder. I find nothing unusual about the presentation of your thoughts and feelings. You can be a little disorganized, but that's just ADHD.

-- thank you!! that's all i've been trying to tell all these doctors and they ignore it and diagnose me with crazy thought disorders...saying I damaged my brain due to drug use...i gotta to say my use was not the cause of this, this was going on wellbefore abuse began...there idiots...misdiagnose and refuse to hear...i just need to trash these road blocks, get a new doc.

"doctors just sit and intellectize and don't even recognize the main point"

What is the main point?

-- that the basis symptoms where ignored which was alertness and low ability to maintain stable thought process that was linked to low dopamine. My doctor is a case...she thinks I haave too much dopamine, it maybe mixed with degregulation in the mind...some alot in some places, others too low causing a unstable process in everything I do...memory, socialization, slow motivation, horrible math skills...yea etc

"150mg of adderall"

I take 70 mg of Vyvanse. I wonder how that compares.

-- 70mg is 30mg of adderall that's spread out on a longer span...140mg[2 70mg's] is similar to adderall xr 60mg but its just diffrent in some effects.

"if I can dispose of my mother then maybe thing will be better"

In jail?

-- i've already had that incident matter how much I get anger with my parents, if that happens again...its out to jail and the street and having to find someone new... Maybe that's the best thing, but im just glued where I am due to comfort and codepency issues.

Why do you think you redose stimulants?

I think you'd do well on Vyvanse. It has a low abuse potential and a long half-life.

--I personally should not be eager to do it...because I know that i will tempted to redose...after it wears off....and then if my doctor found out throug the media feed from my mother than that would be strike 3 and after that it will be vary difficult to even start over. I will have to discuss short supply weekly until I know fully that I will not take more....

thank eric....


not a scholar but understand distress
Prozac 60mg
Lamictal 200mg
Fanapt 16mg
Nuvigil 250mg
avoid false lights of enlightenment, paticulary flattery...




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