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Re: Memantine/Piracetam. Help me get ready for college Lamdage22

Posted by Novelagent on August 22, 2012, at 15:53:15

In reply to Memantine/Piracetam. Help me get ready for college, posted by Lamdage22 on August 22, 2012, at 11:35:39

Memantine won't work, and piracetam is a waste of money-- the idea increasing oxygen to the brain will result in increased IQ is silly and has never been proven. If it were true, smoking would decrease IQ, and we know it does the opposite (because of nicotine, but not enough to justify smoking over).

Try adding Latuda-- it has cognition boosting effects, and is an antipsychotic. I have no idea why you're not on an antipsychotic if you have schizophrenia-- aren't you afraid of relapse?

Also, try aricept, but only after you stabalize ob an antipsychotic, as it can otherwise trigger hypomania if you're predisposed. Aricept does wonders, trust me.

If you're going to take a supplement, you want fish oil-- it's good for schizophrenia, because of the inflammation hypothesis. And try citicoline (CDP Choline, not to be confused with choline).

Before you start school, do full-time volunteering for several months (now until january) to get yourself into a routine of working. The easiest place to volunteer 24/7 is an election campaign.

For your first semester, take half a courseload, so you don't set yourself up for failure. And remember, habits matter: try to aim to do your best studying the first 3 weeks, and you'll find yourself sailing through the semester without feeling like you're falling behind and playing catch-up.

Don't worry about psychosis, just take an antipsychotic regularly. Ideally, consider taking Invega Sustenna. It's more convenient, becase you only have to take it once a month.

Aricept dosing is 5mg once in the morning daily for 2 months, then increase to 10mg. Good luck! Use a day planner religiously.
Hi all,
> i havent posted in a while due to being busy with trying to keep my head up. I have withdrawn from Nardil because i suspect both Nardil and life stressors have caused me to become paranoid and voicey this year.
> I fell into a devastating depression that was a burden for my family. Now i am somewhat recovered with Lamotrigine, BUT the cognitive side effects make me question if im going to make it through college like that. Im enrolled for January and i want to have a sharp state of mind.
> My state of mind makes it hard to pinpoint a particular disorder and i have gotten many (too many) diagnoses. Its almost pathetic and i wonder if some docs even know what the heck they are talking about. They just love to let judgements fall on my head.
> How about simply looking for the meds that support me the best and CONSIDERING THEIR MEDS HAVE DRIVEN ME TOWARDS PSYCHOTICNESS AND BIPOLARISHNESS. They give me a med, it drives me manic, im bipolar. They give me a med, i go delusional/psychotic, im schizophrenic. Pretty destructive treatment of an individual seeking for help. What a vicious circle. Anyway:
> It looks like regular antidepressants can make me voicey/paranoid (happened on nardil).. I initially seeked help because of social anxiety and depression, which indeed were the predominant problems at the time prior to drug treatment. No mania and no psychotic features.
> Treatment of the depression showed there is some bipolarishness to my condition and in times when strong antidepressant treatment and life stressors coincided have led me into the psychotic direction.
> I am not a particular disorder(let me tell you, i have many to choose from), i am still ME and unique.
> Anyway, i now am on Lamictal 200mg and its helping somewhat against depression.. I am considering to go on Memantine and Piracetam since they both have such a wide range of positive effects and i feel they might best support me in college.
> Do you guys think this is a suitable combination for me? Why, why not?
> Can i cross taper from Lamictal to Memantine?
> I know i scream for help here alot but again id appreciate advice/help ;)
> Have a great day,
> Lamdage




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