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Lou's response-threeekunsekyewtyvpoastz becksFLA

Posted by Lou Pilder on August 2, 2012, at 16:24:49

In reply to Weaning off Klonopin - Advice, Tips, Strategy, posted by becksFLA on August 2, 2012, at 10:02:42

> I have been on 4mg daily for quite some time now and am tired of the routine. I feel I have matured, and with age have grown so confident as to give it a shot to see if I can get off the stuff once and for all.
> I do split it up - 2mg AM 2mg PM. I've gotten to 3.5mg total in the first week - 2mg in the AM, 1.5mg in the PM. I can definately feel the effects, but I'm assuming this is withdrawal and not true anxiety? How long should I expect to feel this until it levels out? What is the next move...I am thinking I would like to next reduce my morning dose to maintain an even amount between AM and PM doses.
> Thanks.

You wrote,[...Advice...tired of the routine...see if I could get off the long...?].
I know of two ways to stop the drug. One is by human achievement and the other by divine accomplishment. Now here you could get all kinds of advice for you to use human achievement to stop tqaking the drug. You could see about tapering and switching and substituting barbitals. Then there are herbals and yoga and mind-control tactics. But where will that road end up in? Sure, you could not take the drug when you get to zero but you could still have the withdrawal symptoms and damage to your body and mind.
Now there has been goin' on in your systems a chemical reaction from the benzo drug. And the one you are taking could be one of the most difficult to withdrawal from. People kill themselves durring withdrawal, for it can become horrific. But what could you do to be saved from those horrible effects from withdrawal? Is there a way out?
It has been revealed to me a way to be free from benzodiazepines and be healed from the pain and suffering that one could face when they make the decision to be free from the drug. You see, there is a fire that you could go through. And this fire could have no effect upon you, for you could walk in it and feel no pain. It is like a furnace, a furnace of affliction. This furnace many could not endure and went back on the drug to stop the pain, or killed themselves. But I say to you, there is someone else to listen to, someone that has promised that if you come to him he will give you rest. And instead of trying by human achievement to fix a damaged soul, he will give you a new mind, and a new spirit. And in that Day, the moon will turn to blood and the stars will fall from heaven and the sky will open up and you will see a glory. And it will be like a Sun, filling you with light and dispelling the darkness and you shall know the truth and the Truth will make you free.
Now I know that there needs for me to post here how this happens, but Mr. Hsiung has made prohibitions to me that prohibit me from posting what I think could save your life. One of his arguments is that there could be some type of sub-set of people that if they see my name 4 times or more in consecutiveness, that some type of thing will happen to them and they might not feel good. That as I undderstand it, trumps me from posting more than 3 consecutive posts even though what I could say IMHO could save your life and the lives of others and lead you out of the darness of depression into a marvelous light. And there are more prohibitions. Prohibitions that I think mark the difference between your life and death.
So if you follow the road of human achievement and reach a dead-end, just remember whose post you might read here tonight, and save the last post for me.




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